PG RX-78-3 “G3” Project

Well, I’ve been quite busy lately with work, but I’ve been also steadily working on my PG Gundam project.  I decided a while back that, seems I lack the sufficient skills to modify the parts, I’m going to re-paint/revamp my PG Gundam from the Prototype Gundam to the G3 Gundam.

Of course all that’s done for the moment is the inner frame:

I used German Grey for the Dark areas

Tamiya Metallic Blue for the thrusters

Metal Screws and Bolts are from MechaSkunk

So that’s all for now – I’ll be starting the rest of the armor panels this week, and thanks to my new dual action airbrush, that should be pretty darn easy.

So that’s all for now – more to come –
Also in the que is the GP Gundam project (all 4 GP Gundams) –

Jaa –