GP02 Update

No Pictures yet I’m afraid, but I wanted to post a quick update that the GP02 is coming along very, VERY well.  I stumbled onto a concept I had no intention of producing but now that I’ve gotten it started, I’m quite excited.
I’m going to keep the concept under wraps for now, its not as much a “secret” as I just want to build a little anticipation.   Needless to say, I have my customized decals sent already from (thanks again Samuel, you truly are the best!) and the implemented parts are nearly complete.  Mecha Skunk is closing, I’m sad to report, but I ordered a large shipment of metal detailing parts which just arrived today, so that’s good news.

So stay tuned for the GP02 project, part 1 of a 5 part Alternate Universal Century project presented here ate Korewa Gundam!

Until next time –


MG RGM-79 Powered GM (Conversion Kit)

I’ll be house sitting for about 3 weeks starting this weekend so I wanted to get this post in.  Once again, I’ve been done for a few days now, but it’s been a busy week.

Now a couple of notes about the Powered GM first before I get to the pictures.   First – the Powered GM is by far one of my most favorite mobile suits.  It was the very first MS I’ve seen in action as 0083 was the first series I’ve watched.     Second – I know there are some mistakes on this kit, I left them for a reason – the Powered GM was the first kit I airbrushed and I wanted to keep the mistakes on there for the memories.  Also, its kind of a knock-off conversion kit, so there are a few issues with the attaching areas.    Now, on to the pictures:

One of the major issues I wanted to fix was the fact that with the original airbrushing, the knee armor/shocks were glossy for some reason, whereas the rest of the orange areas were matte.  A can of Testors Dull Coat (same as top coat from Tamiya) fixed this just fine.  Plus it seals the decals on perfectly.

I used a Chain Base for the display stand.  I also love the 90mm Bullpup Machine gun, but I some how misplaced the magazine clip.

I didn’t want to over do the upgrade parts.  However I did add the shoulder gears I added similar gears to the S Gundam, which is fitting seems the Powered GM was a test bed for GP01 parts.  I also added the steel rivets, and vulcan barrels.

I added steel thrusters to the backpack.

So that’s it.

Still wish I had a better camera.  But oh well, you guys get the idea.

While I’m house sitting – I’m going to be starting my next major undertaking.  All four GP Gundams, starting with (oddly enough) the GP02.

Stay tuned –

Perfect Grade RX-78-3 “G3” Gundam: Complete

Hey all,

I’ve been done for a few days now but I’ve been really sick so I’m just getting to this now.  Let’s jump right in:

Again, I went with an all grey scheme, sort of like the GFF 1/100 G3.  Tamiya Neutral Grey, German Grey (Dark) and Light Grey were used.   Decals by Samuel of course.

The metal bolts and screws used are from Mecha Skunk – can’t beat his prices or his quality, if you ask me.  Tamiya Metallic Gunmetal and Titanium Silver were used for the inner frame, along with Clear Blue over Titanium Silver for the thrusters and the joints/vent shafts.

Flat Black for the Beam rifle and Back pack were used.  For the eyes and beam rifle sensor, I used Lemon Yellow over Titanium Silver.

My camera is apparently picking up the flecks of metal in the paint.  The actual thrusters look smooth and normal.  I need a new camera….*sigh*..

I was afraid I went overboard with the shield decals, but I really wanted to make sure I used the huge “3”.  I love how it looks.

I did a display stand as well, but in retrospect, I probably should have used a larger base, seems the “Operation V” is covered by the G3’s foot when he’s on the stand.

So that’s about it.   This took longer than I expected, but I did get a bit burned out for a while during June/July.  I’m back full force now.  Let’s take a look at the “Before and After” shot:

PG RX-78-1 (Banner Shot)

So there we go.  I’m still completely out of room on my shelf, so I need a new display case or two.  In the mean time, here’s my upcoming project list:

– MG Powered GM Conversion touch up and small repairs.  (I LOVE this kit, so it shouldn’t take long)

– MG Zaku II F2 touch up and repairs (again, small project, shouldn’t take long at all)

– MG GP Gundam Project:  GP01 FB, GP02, Gp03 and GP04 designed as a team (A-UC project)  This will take some time.

– PG Gundam Mk.II AEUG – Repaint to Titans and repairs.

That’s all for now –