MG RGM-79 Powered GM (Conversion Kit)

I’ll be house sitting for about 3 weeks starting this weekend so I wanted to get this post in.  Once again, I’ve been done for a few days now, but it’s been a busy week.

Now a couple of notes about the Powered GM first before I get to the pictures.   First – the Powered GM is by far one of my most favorite mobile suits.  It was the very first MS I’ve seen in action as 0083 was the first series I’ve watched.     Second – I know there are some mistakes on this kit, I left them for a reason – the Powered GM was the first kit I airbrushed and I wanted to keep the mistakes on there for the memories.  Also, its kind of a knock-off conversion kit, so there are a few issues with the attaching areas.    Now, on to the pictures:

One of the major issues I wanted to fix was the fact that with the original airbrushing, the knee armor/shocks were glossy for some reason, whereas the rest of the orange areas were matte.  A can of Testors Dull Coat (same as top coat from Tamiya) fixed this just fine.  Plus it seals the decals on perfectly.

I used a Chain Base for the display stand.  I also love the 90mm Bullpup Machine gun, but I some how misplaced the magazine clip.

I didn’t want to over do the upgrade parts.  However I did add the shoulder gears I added similar gears to the S Gundam, which is fitting seems the Powered GM was a test bed for GP01 parts.  I also added the steel rivets, and vulcan barrels.

I added steel thrusters to the backpack.

So that’s it.

Still wish I had a better camera.  But oh well, you guys get the idea.

While I’m house sitting – I’m going to be starting my next major undertaking.  All four GP Gundams, starting with (oddly enough) the GP02.

Stay tuned –


2 responses to “MG RGM-79 Powered GM (Conversion Kit)

  1. Nice, the Powered GM has rolled out~

    Is the bazooka part of the conversion kit well? Love the big backpack with the big thrusters. Very bulky and looks as if it’s heavily armoured, but it isn’t. Was tempted to get the HGUC version back then, but ended up getting two recently released GM Kais instead to go with my Zaku F2 EFSF colour.

  2. Yeah buddy!

    No, the Hyper Bazooka is from an old MG Gundam kit. I have a bunch of spare stuff I use from time to time. I love how bulky it looks, I know that sounds weird, but it makes it seem so tough!

    I like the GM Kai too, I needed the MG for this conversion (obviously) but I’d like to get the Type C at some point too.

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