GP02 Update

No Pictures yet I’m afraid, but I wanted to post a quick update that the GP02 is coming along very, VERY well.  I stumbled onto a concept I had no intention of producing but now that I’ve gotten it started, I’m quite excited.
I’m going to keep the concept under wraps for now, its not as much a “secret” as I just want to build a little anticipation.   Needless to say, I have my customized decals sent already from (thanks again Samuel, you truly are the best!) and the implemented parts are nearly complete.  Mecha Skunk is closing, I’m sad to report, but I ordered a large shipment of metal detailing parts which just arrived today, so that’s good news.

So stay tuned for the GP02 project, part 1 of a 5 part Alternate Universal Century project presented here ate Korewa Gundam!

Until next time –


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