A-UC GP Gundam Project Update: GP04 Conversion Purchase

As some of you already know, I am crazy for the RX-78 GP04.  Case-in-point, I’m currently playing Ghiren’s Greed on PSP and have just finished making about 20 of them for my EFSF Aces.

Anywho – back when I started the GP Project, I picked up a re-cast of the GP04 conversion done by B-Club (I believe).

I’m chest deep into the GP02 currently so while I’ve been working on Unit 2, I’ve been working on ideas for the rest, including the 04.  Then I found  an acquaintance on Frichten Foo selling an ORIGINAL Core Works Gp04 conversion (the much cooler looking of the two) for dirt cheap.  The Kit arrived today and let me just say….WOW:

Original black box for the kit –

Color photos of the kit’s final appearance.

In color instructions, which read perfectly clear!

And best of all, an original resin cast!  The parts are in absolutely great shape! (no warping!)  The kit is so great its almost a shame to build it, but of course, I will.

Stay tuned!


Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Or Shin Sangokumusou Gundam 3 in Japan is in production:

Let me just point out a few things:

1.) Cell Shaded graphics….AWESOME

2.) I have a PS3, which plays both US and Japanese games AWESOME!


3.) THE GX-9901 Gundam Double X is in the game!!!  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD,  AWESOME!!!!!!!

So to sum up, I’ll be buying this as soon as it hits the shelves.

Ngee Khiong’s Last Post Up

Well, Ngee Khiong’s last post is up here. Lengthy for sure, and admitadly, I wasn’t able to quite follow all of his logic but again, I understand his reasoning.

On a side note, I would like to thank all of my audible (and some not so audible) readers who kindly comment on my postings without starting trouble (which sounds like Ngee’s chief problem -).  I appreciate that.

So, that’s the end for Ngee’s blog.  Unfortunate but there it is.  I’ll post any news I come across of course, but he sure did a  great job at staying on top of things.

On a project related note – still no pictures of the GP02 yet, but he’s coming along nice and steady.  I’ve run into a new option for one of the added features that I need to explore, but once the MS itself is in picture taking form, I’ll update again.

Until next time –

Sad News in the world of Gunpla Blogs

Hey Guys,

Well I’m sure most of you already know this, but sadly, Ngee Khiong‘s self-named blog and daily Gunpla (and other) news fix will no longer be updated.

Ngee has expressed his sadness in announcing his departure from the blogging world and while I do totally understand his reasoning, he will be missed and a big part of my morning “news check” will be empty.

Thanks for all your hard work NK!  Good luck with your next adventure!