Ngee Khiong’s Last Post Up

Well, Ngee Khiong’s last post is up here. Lengthy for sure, and admitadly, I wasn’t able to quite follow all of his logic but again, I understand his reasoning.

On a side note, I would like to thank all of my audible (and some not so audible) readers who kindly comment on my postings without starting trouble (which sounds like Ngee’s chief problem -).  I appreciate that.

So, that’s the end for Ngee’s blog.  Unfortunate but there it is.  I’ll post any news I come across of course, but he sure did a  great job at staying on top of things.

On a project related note – still no pictures of the GP02 yet, but he’s coming along nice and steady.  I’ve run into a new option for one of the added features that I need to explore, but once the MS itself is in picture taking form, I’ll update again.

Until next time –


4 responses to “Ngee Khiong’s Last Post Up

  1. I think using the normal comment system has saved us the trouble of having those unneccessary spams/trouble from getting through.

    I’m glad that he’s keeping his Ex blog online, at the vey least, there is a avenue for everyone to exchange and share the love for gunpla.

  2. Yeah, I agree Jacques. I have checked out Ngee Ex too, I’m glad he’s kept that going.

  3. It really is a pity that NK has decided to end blogging abruptly, but we have to respect his decision. It’s such a shame when one decides to quit not because of real life issues, but what he has felt about the community that he used to share info with.

    It’s gonna be strange for me not to go to his main blog anymore, but at least he’s not giving up blogging completely as his Ex blog is still up, which has a lot more personal touch and sometimes humour to it, just like his main blog in the good old times.

  4. I completely agree my friend, and I am very glad he kept Ex up as well. I’m going to switch out the links on my blog roll ASAP!

    I’ve noticed that a lot of open forums tend to get bogged down by immature posters. I find this unfortunate, but it is inevitable when something as accessible as the internet is our daily source of news.

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