Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Or Shin Sangokumusou Gundam 3 in Japan is in production:

Let me just point out a few things:

1.) Cell Shaded graphics….AWESOME

2.) I have a PS3, which plays both US and Japanese games AWESOME!


3.) THE GX-9901 Gundam Double X is in the game!!!  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD,  AWESOME!!!!!!!

So to sum up, I’ll be buying this as soon as it hits the shelves.


9 responses to “Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

  1. My friend loves The Double X and no other Gundams… he’ll be thrilled to see this unit getting some love :).

  2. I simply can’t wait Z…Cell shaded (and GREAT looking!) graphics AND the DX? Oh man. The only other MS I would hope finally gets put into the franchise is the Death scythe from W, only because it would fit so perfectly well into a Dynasty Warriors format. (actually, all the W Gundams would, but if I only could get one other, it would be the DS).

  3. Hmmm…… i play the dynaty warriors on the PS2 it id not really nice as when u r fighting u hav to fight lots lots lots lots lots of mobile suit which is quite boring

  4. I know Mena, I think it should be a great crown control super move. Kind of like the Wing Zero’s twin buster rifles in DW Gundam 1.

  5. Yeah, I’m happy that DWG3 is out, and After War Gundam X is finally getting it’s due.

    By the way, in Japanese, it’s not Shin Sangoku Musou Gundam. It’s Gundam Musou.

  6. Absolutely Xalfrea, and yes, you’re right, Gundam Musou – I was thinking of the original Dynasty warriors, thanks for catching me on that one!

    12/16 can’t get here fast enough!

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