A-UC GP Gundam Project Update: GP04 Conversion Purchase

As some of you already know, I am crazy for the RX-78 GP04.  Case-in-point, I’m currently playing Ghiren’s Greed on PSP and have just finished making about 20 of them for my EFSF Aces.

Anywho – back when I started the GP Project, I picked up a re-cast of the GP04 conversion done by B-Club (I believe).

I’m chest deep into the GP02 currently so while I’ve been working on Unit 2, I’ve been working on ideas for the rest, including the 04.  Then I found  an acquaintance on Frichten Foo selling an ORIGINAL Core Works Gp04 conversion (the much cooler looking of the two) for dirt cheap.  The Kit arrived today and let me just say….WOW:

Original black box for the kit –

Color photos of the kit’s final appearance.

In color instructions, which read perfectly clear!

And best of all, an original resin cast!  The parts are in absolutely great shape! (no warping!)  The kit is so great its almost a shame to build it, but of course, I will.

Stay tuned!


9 responses to “A-UC GP Gundam Project Update: GP04 Conversion Purchase

  1. No wrapping, as in no protuding parts like nub marks that need to be sanded off? Sounds unusual for a resin kit to me!

  2. Hey Q, no, not “wrapping” WARPing. As in there are any pieces that are bent or or unnecessarily curved.

  3. I must have been too tired to notice that it was ‘warping’… I was thinking about the term “flash” which is the extra parts that need to be sanded off. Looks pretty good already unlike those figure garage kits that I have seen from other hobbyists that they make.

  4. No problem buddy, but yeah, nice, pure white resin. This’ll be my first original cast, I’m excited to see how well everything fits (ahem*, I’m looking at YOU Blue Destiny conversion…)

  5. You are really lucky to be able Core-Works resin conversion kit, how much damage did the acquisition cost you?

  6. I know! I was so happy to have tracked it down. Honestly, I got it through an acquaintance on Frichten Foo, so he cut me quite a generous deal.

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