GP02 Progress

Well, its been a while since I actually had some pictures of the GP02 project.  I’m just about done, in fact, I was hoping to finish this weekend, but I had to help a buddy paint his fence.   Any way – here’s the current status of the GPO2 –

And a full length shot as well –


Just a few things left – I need to finish applying decals (the Wing Binders on the shoulder are obviously missing them), attach the backpack and top coat the whole thing.
Once done, I’ll have a full read-out and background to the MS include the reasoning behind the color scheme and the (not pictured) weapon and backpack modification.


Stay tuned –


4 responses to “GP02 Progress

  1. A blue, white, orange theme. I’m amused that you said you will have reasons behind the choice as well as some backgrounds to it. Looking good so far. Will look forward to the finished model!

  2. You’ll see Q, it will all make sense when you see the new backpack. *wink*.

  3. The color scheme is a refreshing change from the original paint scheme. Somehow, I feel weird with the chin painted red. It seems less striking and fierce compared to the usual. But it’s still too early to say until I see the new backpack that has yet to be revealed.

  4. Well once I explain the scheme you’ll understand, J – the Red wouldn’t have made sense. I see very few MG GP02s these days and even few with custom designs, so I wanted to do something a little special. I’ve had this Old Boy for quite some time sitting on my shelf and I though he could use an update.

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