MG RX-78 GP02C Complete

Model number: RX-78GP02C
Code name: Gundam “Physalis” (Cannon Type)
Unit type: prototype general purpose tactical mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Rollout: 14 A-UC March 0083
First deployment: 15 A-UC April 0083
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 21.5 meters; head height 18.5 meters
Weight: empty 54.5 metric tons; max gross 87.0 metric tons
Armor materials: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1860 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4 x 32000 kg, 4 x 6800 kg
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 1.87 G; 180-degree turn time 1.1 seconds
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x A.E.Blash AEXB-909L beam saber, stored in recharge racks in hip armor, hand-carried in use; AE/MGBC-0326- Dual Magellen Class Beam Cannons, mounted on backpack, deployed over shoulders.
Optional hand armaments: NR-Sh-02-RX/S-00013 shield; AE/CSh 2-12 – Pump action semi-automatic Combat Shotgun

Deployment Notes and History

During the last weeks of the One Year War, several Zeon battalions abandoned Side 3 during its final defense, fleeing toward the outer rim of the Earth Sphere.  The next two years were spent in hiding.  While the colonies began to regain some of their freedom, the Zeon remnant sought each other out and banded together under the flag of Colonel William Donnelly and Ace Pilot, Commander Hugh Wolfgram.  In August of A-UC 0082, this new Zeon threat, dubbed the “Phoenix Corps”, quickly established a foothold in the far colonies, and before the Earth Federation could react properly, begun waging an unrelenting guerrilla war against the un-expecting EFSF fleet.

To combat this threat, the EFSF contracted with Anaheim Electronics to produce not one, but four prototype Gundam class Mobile Suits, designed after the RX-78 line that proved so successful during the One Year War.  As the RX-78-2 stood as a icon of OYW, so too did the Earth Federation hope that these four new Gundams would strike uncertainty and fear within the “Phoenix Corps”

During the second half of A-UC March, 0083, Anaheim had finished putting the last touches on the Gundam prototypes and shipped them aboard the Refit Pegasus class carrier the Autumn Fire to Jaburo for inspection and testing.  During this time, a special ops force was sent from a secret Zeon base in North America to once again attempt to capture the EFSF HQ in Jaburo.  As they closed in on Brazil, information was sent about a Pegasus class ship carrying 4 not-yet-operational prototype mobile suits. The timing was all too perfect.  Unfortunately, as the security doors to the docking bay were pulled back, 2 Phoenix Corps  Z’goks were suddenly made aware that the information was inaccurate…one of the four Gundams was operational.

The RX-78 GP02, Physalis was designed as a multi-function support MS, featuring three different equipment layouts.  The GP02 B was designed as a crowd suppression unit, featuring a beam bazooka.  The GP02 A was a secret design layout featuring a fire-able Mk.82 nuclear war head utilized through a modified beam bazooka.  This layout was considered a breach the ANC Treaty signed after the One Year War, so was never put into use.  The GP02 C was designed after the success of the RX-78-6 MudRock.  Featuring two AE/MCBC-0326 Magellan class beam cannons mounted on the back pack for long to medium range support fire as well as a close range combat shotgun and two AEXB-909 Beam Sabers, the GP02C was a threat at any range.  The massive cooling system shield, featured in all three variants was coated with anti-beam coating and could be utilized as a defensive support unit as well as a fast cooling system for the built up heat from firing the beam cannons in rapid succession, thus ensuring that the GP02C could continue to provide support fire in heated conflicts.  With enough thrusters and verniers to keep it fast and agile despite its mass, the GP02C stood as testament to Anaheim ‘know-how’.

Piloted by Captain Rick Taylor, the GP02C was the first of the four Gundams to face combat on A-UC 15 April 0083 during the Phoenix Corps’ attack on Jaburo Base. Guided by the experienced hands of Captain Taylor, The GP02C was able to not only defend the docked Autumn Fire and the three other Gundams, but also, with the aide of the base’s defense teams, drive back the Zeon infiltration squadrons.

Personal Notes

As you can see, the GP02C was specifically designed after the RX78-6, both with the cannons and the paint scheme.  I wanted to use a more unique weapon, so I went with the shotgun instead of say, a beam rifle.

Cannon mounted backpack

Decals of are of course from Samuel Decal, he’s the best.  Plus I tried a new product, the metal decals, as seen on some of the pictures above.

The binders open and function perfectly with the added cannons.

I also tried using a new photography technique.   Unfortuntunatly, some of the shots turned out a bit shaky still.

So there we go.  Next up is the GP03.


Stay tuned –


8 responses to “MG RX-78 GP02C Complete

  1. Well, I have the other three Gundam’s planned out in terms of color schemes and changes, plus the Pegasus class ship planned out. The only issue I’m having now is figuring out a plan for two new Core Boosters.

  2. Oh you came up with this variant yourself? That’s pretty cool. Didn’t expect to see a shotgun for the Federation side, but taking Mudrock’s cannons is a neat idea.

    Btw I’ve just finished Story/Scenario Mode for both sides on 0081. I am about to start Free Mode pretty soon, but I’m deciding whether I should go with Mercenary mode as all MS are available despite the 2x cost. I will add your PSN name later today!

  3. Yes I did Q, its going to be part of my Alternate Universal Century line – I’m currently working on the GP03 now. (The High Mobility Alex and Space Use Blue Destiny were also part of it.)

    That’s awesome. Merc mode is fun but you need to work hard at it, because everything is twice as expensive. I can help you get started though, just send me a message on PSN when you have time to get online!

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