Current Projects

Woo doggies do I have a lot on my plate right now with Gundam Projects –

Currently, I’m chugging along with the GP03, part of my A-UC GP project.  I’ll see if I can get some work in progress shots up, but meh…they never look good anyway.

After the GP03, I’m leaning toward finally getting to the GP04.  I kinda wanted to save the “best for last” on this, but I’m also getting anxious to start him up.  I may try to work on the GP01 at the same time, but I’m not sure how that’ll work out.  We’ll see.

After that  it’ll be the Albion re-fit Autumn Fire.  The mobile ship on which these four Gundams are assigned to.

Once I’m done with the Autumn Fire, then its a toss up with a lot of special idea projects.

Two of which, the GP00


and the Core Booster III are associated with this A-UC project.  But I’m also trying to get my hands on another (and maybe even two) Crossbone Gundam Ver. Ka’s for an idea I had the other night.    I also have the PG Mk II which I’m nearly 80% sure will be painted from AEUG to Titans (I hand-painted the AEUG Mk.II, I’d like to give a PG the treatment it deserves with an airbrush).


Grail over at the Fichten Foo forums sent me a link to the HLJ upgrade parts selection – I had no idea Hobby Link Japan has so many items!  Needless to say I ordered a ton right off the bat.  Sure they’re only 5 bucks here and there but it adds up fast.

ON THE SIDE – I’m trying to unlock the Blanc Rival, a Pegasus Class ship from Zeonic Front in SD Gundam G Generation Spirits, but that games habit of freezing every time I save in the later levels has that goal slowly creeping along, seems I literally have to save at every turn and restart if it freezes.  *sigh*.  Q from Daybreak’s Bell also just got online with Gundam Senki 0081, so I’m  looking forward to running some Merc Missions with him.  Team Gogg anyone?

Finally there’s the non-Gundam stuff…Assassin’s Creed Brother Hood is out, along with Call of Duty Black Ops and Rock Band III.
Yare Yare, so much to do.   Not to mention the Holidays!  Its Thanksgiving next week here in the US, one of my favorite Holidays seems it involves eating a ton of food and then napping the day a way.

I’ve got some Transformers up for Auction on Ebay – if anyone’s interested let me know – the list is as follows:
Perfect Effect’s Shadow Warrior PE01

Device Label Blaster

Device Label Tigatron

I’m trying to scrape some extra cash together for Gundam stuff.

Updates coming soon on the GP03.


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