GP03 Build-off

As I’m currently in the early stages of the GP03, Mena from EpicMena’s Gunpla Corner and I have decided to do a collaboration/build off on our MG GP03 kits.


Check back in with both our sites to see updates and let us know your thoughts!


5 responses to “GP03 Build-off

  1. I’m really excited here at this end. If only Murphy would get me my friggin’ airbrush and me getting my lazy arse off watching Girls’ Generation vids. Damn.

  2. Is there any other location to buy an Airbrush from? It seems weird that you’d have to wait for a product to be in stock. Don’t you have a local hobby store that you go to? Try there.

  3. mena, if you’re looking for airbrush, sunshine plaza has 2 stores, you might also try tiong bahru plaza. I am sure they can also explain the basic and maintenance for you.

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