Lil’ Loot

I guess “loot” is the term used lately for new purchases.  Anywho, I picked up one of Fusion Works’ latest line called Gundam: Converge, the Hyaku Shiki –

I don’t have a Hyaku Shiki kit or really any form of it, so I thought I’d pick him up.  The Gundam:Converge line is pretty unique for Fusion Works – they designed the figures in a “SD” form, but not as completely disproportional as most SD.

The detailing is pretty impressive considering he’s just a little Gashapon figure, but then again, Fusion Works does a great job with all their products.  You can find them here.

Here’s a shot with my FW Gundam:StandArt Mk.II

It was a holiday here last week (Thanksgiving) and I spent most of the week out of town at my parents, so no work was done on the GP03.  I’ll be working tonight on it though and will have some updates soon.


Mata ne ~


7 responses to “Lil’ Loot

  1. Well, they’re designed by Bee-Craft. I’m not sure about boxy, but SD always effects the final result.

    Do you mean the Unicorn StandArt? They haven’t made the Unicorn Converge yet.

  2. Oh, cool! Thanks for the link to Gundam Guy’s site, he does a great job.

    Yeah, the Unicorn looks good, I’d like Destroy mode though. I may look into the Gouf Custom or the Jegan, either one looks pretty good and my desk guardian, the Hyaku Shiki could use a partner.

  3. Can’t remember how this “loot” term came about, but I first encountered it in Danny Choo’s site, which is then quickly picked up by his readers and followers.

    FW Coverage shokugans do look pretty interesting – I like how they’re like SD’s but not quite so. Quality doesn’t seem as good as they should have been (even for shokugans) according to some people who got the whole set including the limited, but this should be a promising series of collection I’d say.

  4. @Q: Ah yes, Danny Choo – trend setter extraordinaire, haha.

    Perhaps with the next wave of figures, they’ll get some of the quality issues fixed, we’ll see. I’m thinking of picking up the Z Gundam for sure to go with my Hyaku Shiki.

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