Quick Update – Moving

Sorry for the lack of updates on the GP03 – we’re going to be moving in the next 3 weeks to a new place in a different city, so combine that with the Holidays this week, its been hectic to say the very least.
As for the GP03 – I really would like it to be the last MG I complete here in our current place.  I’m just about done – I just need to decide what color to use for the inside of the thrusters (I’m leaning toward purple) and start the final assembly/decals and coats.


I’m going to try and work on it tonight and the rest of this week if I have time, and I’ll have pictures up soon.


Mata ne~


3 responses to “Quick Update – Moving

  1. You’re moving home? Moving in any forms is always hectic. Don’t rush yourself too much on GP03 but it sounds like you’re very nearly done with it.

    I do hope you’ll get to have some time off during the holidays though!

  2. Yeah buddy, I actually am moving back to my home town, closer to my parents so I can help take care of them a bit.

    The GP03 is coming along quite steadily. As long as I can keep getting some work done each night, I’ll be all set.

  3. Well,don’t push yourself too hard. Since moving is always a pain. I’m looking forward to your GP03 so that i can admire/steal your idea =P

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