Happy Holidays from Korewa Gundam!

Hey all,

Well with the Holidays this weekend, I won’t be around to do any posts, so I thought I’d leave a little Holiday Gift to my readers:  A full episode of Gunpla Builders curtesy of AE Media, you can watch it all HERE.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this series but I love it!  Its campy, but still awesome at the same time, and HOLY CRAP! Its my Blue Destiny Space Custom! (But not really – the one used in this episode is a bit different).  I love that it allows us to see some custom Gunlpa builds in action, and provides many more ideas to use as well!

My only issue is the Beginning Gundam’s V-Crest.  I don’t like that it lights up, or activates or whatever, but its a small, personal preference gripe.


Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


7 responses to “Happy Holidays from Korewa Gundam!

  1. Seeing Blue-Destiny in the show was a surprise, so was the Astray RF. I feel so indignant seeing it get cut up by the the-0.

    Somehow, the design of Beginning Gundam looks very rough to me, the irregular corners and surfaces. Not to mention how over-powered it is, after the add-on of those clears parts. Wings of Light plus I-field/Bits or funnels together with the beam saber that has the reach of the Super Shining Sword.

    Those aside, I liked how they played out the space battles, where attacks can come from anywhere. By the way, is this supposed to be an full blown anime or is it just a 3-parter? And I read from Zeonic-Corps, if rumors are to be true there might be a new gundam series next March.

  2. I was very happy to see BD-1 show up. I like that it had unit 2’s backpack and shield too! It kinda validates my version!

    I know a lot of people like the Astray, but I liked seeing a Black THE O in action, that was cool.

    Yeah, Beginning Gundam…I think that’s the point though…its the guys first Gundam, and I think everyone’s first Gunpla project is a bit rough…I know mine was.

    I’ve heard the rumors of a new series, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for anything new on it. As for this series, I think they’re going to do random additions like that of Gundam Evolve.

  3. Hi, it’s Zack here from gunplapricehunter and just want to let you know that we have open a new online gunpla pricing site.

    Feel free to visit.


  4. Hey hey Merry Christmas, Aptkane!

    I watched the last ep the other day and thought it was pretty entertaining for what it is. The way they make Gunpla out to be so humorously “serious business” almost gave it a yugioh feel for me xD. I didn’t quite pick up all the dialogues but it seems the main message is “enjoy the hobby!”

    I’m surprised you don’t like Beginning’s v-fin… that’s the ONLY part I like about it simply because it is original but I wonder if it can be used as a weapon since it is kinda like a beam…

  5. Merry Christmas to you!

    Beginning G does have a very young and shounen feel to it, just as Z has put it aka the “yu-gi-oh” feel to it as they’re literally happy and go “let’s Gunpla” kind of way.

    Seeing Beginning’s upgraded form as Beginning 30 Gundam pwning things left and right is pretty crazy, but oh well it’s the protagonist’s suit so let it be. Haven’t grown fond of its design (lot’s of triangles here and there, and beam V-fin can be quite a hit or miss), but other customised MS, be them just colour variations or a whole new thing, can be interesting. Lol’ed at the 1/550 Big Zam there fighting there before it got owned.

    Sure the series is a bit campy, but it’s intentional anyway, and it’s a fresh change from previous series as a mini-series. I wonder what kind of Gundam series we will have next time. 😮

  6. Yeah, I agree guys – I guess I’m just going to chalk it up as a guilty pleasure sort of series. I mean, like Q pointed out, the seriousness of it goes out the window with stuff like the 1/550 Big Zam being booted, which I laughed at quite a bit.

    Still, in a world where you can pilot your own models, I sure wouldn’t mind bringing the GP02C or my S Gundam into a fight!

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