1/100 MG GP03s Complete

Well, my last post before the final move this week.  The GP03s is complete:  However PLEASE EXCUSE the crummy pictures, I simply do not have enough time to put together a proper collection of pics and I haven’t finished the story/explanation yet.   Also, as the old saying goes: the more you rush, the more you’ll make mistakes and there are PLENTY on the Gp03.  I’m not too worried as its my lease favorite of the four, and I really just wanted to get it done before the move.  So without further rambling:  The GP03s:

and a final picture of his place on the shelf before everything is packed up and moved.  (I probably won’t keep  him next to the S Gundam seems they’re both red)

I will absolutely be doing another post on this, with FAR better pictures/explanation and poses.   This is just a status post before the move.


Until next time –  Matta ne~


6 responses to “1/100 MG GP03s Complete

  1. When I first saw the colour scheme I was thinking that it looks very similar to something you’ve done earlier. And seeing it standing next to S Gundam explains it all 🙂

    Good luck on the move!

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