MG Gundam Epyon Announced

This may be a bit of old news, but it seems the MG Gundam Epyon has been annonced, which is great news for a lot of fans out there, myself included.

I’ve always liked the Dark Purple color scheme of the Eypon, and I used to own the NG 1/100 back when I would just buy and snap kits when I was young.

I’m hoping they give it a retooling and remove the Mobile Armor mode.  I don’t think anyone really liked it and it always seemed kinda silly looking to me.  I would prefer a much more sturdy frame and maybe a tad more bulky armor, but we’ll see what happens as more details are released.


– Later ~


2 responses to “MG Gundam Epyon Announced

  1. I actually liked its MA mode. Its twin headed dragon like MA mode is ❤

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