Max Capacity – New Shelving

A while back, Z had talked about some of the shelving he uses in his Gunpla collection, specifically the Detloff Display shelves from IKEA – well I ended up going to my local IKEA store over the weekend (its in another state) with a friend and finally picked one up for my own finished kits –

I’m going to basically dedicate the entire shelf to my A-UC 0083 projcect, so I’ll end up moving things around a bit as there’s still the GP01, GP04, Albion (Autumn Fire) and possibly the GP00 as well but we’ll see how it goes.

I think Mena might have a similar shelf as well, and I’m sure some of you also have them.  Eventually, I’d like to replace the old wooden junker with a set of two more, but that’ll be a bit, as I’m watching my expenses and its a bit of a trip to IKEA.  This does open up a lot more room on the old shelf though, allowing my other kits to breath a bit better. 

I’ve completed the Grey sections of the GP01, and need to go to the hobby store to pick up some more paints, but for now the GP01 is coming along just fine – I’ve created a sort of “kit-bash” original weapon for it, which I will unveil at a later time.

Until then ~

Painting has begun – GP01


Well I tried out my new paint booth by painting the blue sections of the Gp01…its so nice to have a ventilated booth for painting!

The blue is a bit darker than I anticipated, but I kind of like it seems it will contrast better with the GP04s lighter blue.

Painting will continue this week until my decals from Samuel Decals arrive.


New Gundam in Town


Well, thanks to G Generation World, I’ve just come across a new Gundam type that I must say, I’m quite taken with.

This is the Gundam Striker Custom, which hails from UC 0084.  Much like its future cousin, the Gundam Hazel, the Striker Custom is actually a GM Striker with a Gundam class generator installed and a Gundam head unit (that looks a bit like G04’s head mixed with the Ez8’s).  The Striker Custom uses a variety of beam melee weapons but unlike its GM chassis name-sake, is fully zero-G capable (hurray for space use!).

Like the Hazel, I really like these types of Gundam units.  Basically a souped-up GM that’s fallible, not invincible like some of the later series seem to promote.

In G World, the Gundam Striker Custom packs a major punch, but it has its limits seems it lacks any real long range weapon.  Still, its an awesome addition, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it!

Loots From Japan – Pre-crisis

It was my birthday and second anniversary on March 6th, but unfortunately,  my wife was in Japan at the time.  She left the day before the terrible earthquake for the Philippines, but before she left, she sent me a present, or several presents by post.  AWESOME!

My favorite brand of cookies (in the white bag) and beer snacks as well as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and SD Gundam G Generation World – AWESOME-SAUCE!

G Generation World’s list of included Gundam Series is staggering.  I think just about every single story, side story and manga are included, including Giren’s Greed (I’m hoping this means the GP04 makes an appearence) and 0081 Senki, so Gundam Unit 7 is in the game!  YAY!

Monster Hunter, for those of you who don’t know, is my other great video game passion.  I’ve played every game since it came out on PS2, with the unfortunate exception of MH Online, but Portable 3rd takes a lot from the Wii title MH Tri, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will be new and improved.


That’s all for now.  I have to de-goop the GP01 where the previous owner applied the stickers included with the kit.  I bought the GP01 and GP03 pre-built from Fichten Foo’s sales forum, so they’ve required more pre-assembly work than usual.

GP01fb Start

Well, the GP01 is underway.  My new spray booth arrived this weekend, I have my paints bought, gloss and flat coats bought and I’m just waiting on Hobby Wave’s turtle-slow shipping to drop off my Mr. Super Metallic Titanium.

While I wait, I’ve stared fixing some issues, like the ridiculous seam lines on the bigger feet appendages.


Once primed and sanded further, they should be a thing of the past.

My only issue was deciding what to do with the vernier binders on the backpack.  Traditionally they are all white, but I’m going to add in some light grey to give them some detail.

That’s all for now.

On a side note:  I want to let my fellow modelers in Japan know that my thoughts continue to be with them and I will hope for their safety and speedy return to normalcy after this past weeks devastation.  Hang in there guys!!

Next Project – RX-78 GP01fb

Well, its time to get back to work.  I’ll be starting my next project, the third installment of the A-UC 0083 series, the Gp01fb.

Following the current paint schemes, I’ll be doing the GP01 in the RX-78-4 colors.  The Gp03 was, roughly supposed to be like the RX-78-5 and the Gp02 was colored like the Rx-78-6.

And seems the GP04 has roughly the same scheme as The Gundam’s regular blue and white and red colors, I’ll just leave it as is.

Following Unit 1 and 4, I’ll be finishing the Albion Re-fit Autumn Fire, and then moving on to possibly attempting to create the GP00 out of a nice pool of spare parts from all of these projects.


Until next time –