GP01fb Start

Well, the GP01 is underway.  My new spray booth arrived this weekend, I have my paints bought, gloss and flat coats bought and I’m just waiting on Hobby Wave’s turtle-slow shipping to drop off my Mr. Super Metallic Titanium.

While I wait, I’ve stared fixing some issues, like the ridiculous seam lines on the bigger feet appendages.


Once primed and sanded further, they should be a thing of the past.

My only issue was deciding what to do with the vernier binders on the backpack.  Traditionally they are all white, but I’m going to add in some light grey to give them some detail.

That’s all for now.

On a side note:  I want to let my fellow modelers in Japan know that my thoughts continue to be with them and I will hope for their safety and speedy return to normalcy after this past weeks devastation.  Hang in there guys!!


2 responses to “GP01fb Start

  1. Seamlines along the feet and joint XD
    It takes extra efforts to make an old kit look good.

  2. Well, I’ve got several things to fix on this one – seam lines on the feet being one, the other major issue is the shoulder connection, but I’ll fix it the same way I fixed the GP02’s – screw the poly cap onto the ball joint of the shoulder, then cement the whole thing in the upper arm armor, makes it absolutely solid and strong, allowing it to hold anything (provided the elbow joint isn’t loose).

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