Loots From Japan – Pre-crisis

It was my birthday and second anniversary on March 6th, but unfortunately,  my wife was in Japan at the time.  She left the day before the terrible earthquake for the Philippines, but before she left, she sent me a present, or several presents by post.  AWESOME!

My favorite brand of cookies (in the white bag) and beer snacks as well as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and SD Gundam G Generation World – AWESOME-SAUCE!

G Generation World’s list of included Gundam Series is staggering.  I think just about every single story, side story and manga are included, including Giren’s Greed (I’m hoping this means the GP04 makes an appearence) and 0081 Senki, so Gundam Unit 7 is in the game!  YAY!

Monster Hunter, for those of you who don’t know, is my other great video game passion.  I’ve played every game since it came out on PS2, with the unfortunate exception of MH Online, but Portable 3rd takes a lot from the Wii title MH Tri, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will be new and improved.


That’s all for now.  I have to de-goop the GP01 where the previous owner applied the stickers included with the kit.  I bought the GP01 and GP03 pre-built from Fichten Foo’s sales forum, so they’ve required more pre-assembly work than usual.


7 responses to “Loots From Japan – Pre-crisis

  1. Man you’re wife is pretty lucky. And awesome loots, but what kind of cookies did you got?

  2. They’re called Hiyoko cookies. I’m not sure how many different varieties there are, but these are just plain butter cookies. They’re pretty awesome.

  3. I’m currently playing G Generation World too lol but I can’t read japanese so I have to rely on the kanji’s to understand what’s going on >.<

  4. I started playing G Generation back when the first Play Station game was released and have played every game since. They all basically function the same, which makes it nice seems I’ll be the first to admit my Japanese isn’t that strong.

    G World is very similar to G Wars, which is both good and bad. The only real bad part is the lack of certain MS from some series (ahem GP04…) and additions to others. Do we really need the Dark Daggar? Its the same as the L Daggar only black.

    I just upgraded my RX-81 LA to the Gundam Unit 7, so I’m thrilled with that!

  5. whoa! you’re so far ahead already! I’m still at stage 4 lol, the one with the 08th ms team. taking it slow, heh.

    how do i upgrade my units btw? will it upgrade itself once i reach the level or do i have to upgrade it myself?

  6. Good to hear that your wife had left before the earthquake…
    Somehow the pic on the snack package reminds me of the chocolate girl, peko chocolate or something like that ^^

  7. Thanks Heathorn, I was very relieved. Apparently the Hiyoko cookies come in all sorts of varieties, the ones she sent me were the plain sugar cookie type. The other snacks are a spicy peanut and soy nut combo. They’re awesome.

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