New Gundam in Town


Well, thanks to G Generation World, I’ve just come across a new Gundam type that I must say, I’m quite taken with.

This is the Gundam Striker Custom, which hails from UC 0084.  Much like its future cousin, the Gundam Hazel, the Striker Custom is actually a GM Striker with a Gundam class generator installed and a Gundam head unit (that looks a bit like G04’s head mixed with the Ez8’s).  The Striker Custom uses a variety of beam melee weapons but unlike its GM chassis name-sake, is fully zero-G capable (hurray for space use!).

Like the Hazel, I really like these types of Gundam units.  Basically a souped-up GM that’s fallible, not invincible like some of the later series seem to promote.

In G World, the Gundam Striker Custom packs a major punch, but it has its limits seems it lacks any real long range weapon.  Still, its an awesome addition, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it!

5 responses to “New Gundam in Town

  1. ARe u gonna kitbash to make this guy or mod a certain kit if not can u tell me what gunpla models would be involved in making this?

  2. Probably not Michael, though I would absolutely love to. Unfortunately it would require at least a MG or 1/100 scale GM Striker, which they don’t make. Bandai does make a 1/144 HGUC GM Striker and I believe a Striker Custom resin conversion kit is in the works.

    Otherwise, if I would try this I would think it would require:
    1x HGUC GM Striker
    1x HGUC Gundam Ez8
    1x HGUC RX-78 (any one of the 7)
    1x HGUC Gundam X/X Divider (for weapon hilts)

  3. There’s Striker Custom in G Generation World? Didn’t bother look up a wiki until just now. The roster for G Gen has been much greater than I thought (but then I didn’t get to touch on this series until now on PSP).

    I do remember a Striker Custom resin conversion kit being made for GM Striker. (And there is one indeed Design-wise, it sure is melee heavy, which is probably a reason why some people felt it is slightly out of touch from UC era (much like the GM Striker).

  4. @Q – yep, the roster is pretty big. There are a few MS left out that I don’t agree with and some included that I’m totally surprised by, Like the mass-produced ZZ Gundam. Its a great game, I’m totally hooked!

    @Zhe – My only issue with the conversion is its 1/144 scale, but they sure did a great job with it! Unfortunately, resin conversions are often nearly 3 times as much as the kit itself.

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