Max Capacity – New Shelving

A while back, Z had talked about some of the shelving he uses in his Gunpla collection, specifically the Detloff Display shelves from IKEA – well I ended up going to my local IKEA store over the weekend (its in another state) with a friend and finally picked one up for my own finished kits –

I’m going to basically dedicate the entire shelf to my A-UC 0083 projcect, so I’ll end up moving things around a bit as there’s still the GP01, GP04, Albion (Autumn Fire) and possibly the GP00 as well but we’ll see how it goes.

I think Mena might have a similar shelf as well, and I’m sure some of you also have them.  Eventually, I’d like to replace the old wooden junker with a set of two more, but that’ll be a bit, as I’m watching my expenses and its a bit of a trip to IKEA.  This does open up a lot more room on the old shelf though, allowing my other kits to breath a bit better. 

I’ve completed the Grey sections of the GP01, and need to go to the hobby store to pick up some more paints, but for now the GP01 is coming along just fine – I’ve created a sort of “kit-bash” original weapon for it, which I will unveil at a later time.

Until then ~


7 responses to “Max Capacity – New Shelving

  1. It’s amazing how a Detloff can open up more space then wooden shelf. How much does this cost you for one?

  2. And also, how much nicer they look.

    Mine was about $60. Not too bad, but certainly not the cheapest thing at IKEA, haha.

  3. Detloff looks so much better. Currently I am using a wooden shelve too. Time to pay IKEA a visit.

  4. Detoff is nice shelf for displaying, especially for large objects. A lot of figure collectors use it too, though it’s not exactly cheap, which is one of the reasons why I went for Billy (along with adjustable levels).

    Running out of space is always a big problem for us ^^; I’ve noticed a FAZZ in the wooden shelf there along with a silver RX-78 (?). Is the FAZZ a GFF?

  5. Is Billy a different type of shelf? Would you have a link to it? I do like the detloff a lot, but yeah Q, you’re right, its not the cheapest thing.

    That is the GFF FAZZ – my wife got it for me for Christmas, I love the Gundam Sentinal MS and seems I have the MG S and Z Plus, and the MG FAZZ is still like 90 bucks, she found that little guy.

    My other GFFs are still packed away. I wasn’t sure where I would put them yet.

  6. Indeed, i have 3 of them lol. Billy is another bookshelf kind of thing, but nothing as compared to the detolf. Great to see that you’ve got a nice display cabinet now, All you need is to air your masterpieces, Andrew ;D

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