New Header and Such

I’ve changed the Header again for the site, I like to keep it rotating but this one is especially appropriate for a few reasons –

1.) The title “Korewa Gundam” comes from Garrod Ran in Gundam X, when he and Tifa, escaping from NEFF agents stumble upon an abandoned warehouse and find, waiting in limbo, the GX-9900 Gundam X that Garrod would pilot for the majority of the series. Garrod mutters “Kore..wa….Gundam?”  Or “This is [a] Gundam” in English…so you can see how the title of my little blog here is a bit of a play on Garrod’s famous line.

2.) It was about this time, 15 years ago, that I purchased my first Gunpla kit, the 1/144 scale Gundam Leopard from my local Hobby Store.   At the time, I had no idea what I was looking at, but through that little guy, I managed to open the doors to a lifelong interest.  (More on this later, and you’ll see why…)

So I like the new header…the Double X has always been one of my all time favorite MS, and I like that a pilot  (Garrod) is in this one, because lets face it, without the human side of the MS Gundam Stories, they wouldn’t be nearly as great as they are.

Other than that, I’ve had a week from hell and have been slow to get around to painting the details of the GP01’s inner frame (let alone the white armor sections), so nothing new to report there.  I’ll try to snap myself out of my personal funk and get some work done tonight.

I’ll be posting soon on a couple of side topics: 1.) The 1/144 Gundam Leopard kit and 2.) SD Gundam G Generation World review.  Plus more on the GP01 as it’s built.

Later ~

11 responses to “New Header and Such

  1. Ah now the header is more fitting with your name ^^. Is it okay if i use it for the banner on my blog?

  2. I just though of Wing Gundam blowing up some Leos, but I remembered all they shouted was “ORE WA GUNDAM!” (or something like that) before they blow up. XD
    I personally like Gundam X more then Double X. ^^

  3. Actually Tom, I’d be willing to bet in every single series, someone at one point or another utters the “korewa Gundam” statement, lol. But Garrod’s was the only one that stuck with me.

    I like all of the X designs. Even the grunt suits are pretty cool (except for the snow boarding ones…meh)

  4. Sorry Zhe, but that comment makes me cringe…I can’t stand 00 Gundam. I don’t mind a few of the Gundam designs, but the MS in general and the characters are terrible.

    You should watch X, it’s a great series, if not under rated a bit.

  5. Wing is okay, for me it didn’t get very good until about half way through, but its still a good series. 0079, if you’re talking the original MSG is the grandfather of all of this, so that speaks for itself. You should check out 08th MS team too, its quite short compared to other series but gives a great alternative view of the war during 0079.

  6. I second Aptkane’s comment on the OO series. Personally, i think 0083 Stardust Memories is the best series so far. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Ah…now I know the special meaning you mentioned on your leopard post.
    For me, the first series to get me into gundam is Wing. Still remember it aired on tv every Sunday at 6.30 am ^^

  8. Wing aired here in the afternoon’s and I remember taping every single episode, which ran about 8 VHS tapes long, ^_^ I enjoyed Wing a lot, though I’d say my favorite moment was the duel between Heero and Zech’s when Heero used the Heavy Arms…great moment in Gundam History.

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