New Loot


So I ended up ordering the 1/144th Gundam Leopard from Hlj.  Ill post on him this week because this little kit has special meaning.  I also picked up Kotobukiya’ harpoon launcher as well for use with a different project.  Lol  the Leopard was 4 -usd and the harpoon was 3usd.  Awesome.

More on the Leopard to come,

Matta ne


4 responses to “New Loot

  1. I like this kit as it is a bit similar to the Heavy Arms Gundam Custom of Gundam Wing in terms of firepower. I got a 1/144 version XD

  2. Oh man, I remembered when they were selling Gunpla in the US. My first one was a 1/144 Wing Gundam. Ah good times.

  3. I’ll post more this weekend, but @Gundamgunso – Yep, its a similar concept but I’ll touch on the differences between the two designs. @Tom – I know, I remember back in the day, my local Hobby Town had a TON of these old 1/144 scales. Now they’re selling MGs for an absurd mark up.

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