Woooooo Doggies, I love Ebay!

For 50 Bucks (USD) – I just picked up The GM, GM Custom, GM Kai and GM [G] on Ebay!  They are all pre-snapped, but are in absolutely perfect condition!  The previous owner didn’t even apply the decals, so basically, if I would have bought these four at full price, brand new, I still would have likely snapped them first before priming and painting and all that jazz.

Like Q over at Daybreak’s Bell – I am very fond of what are termed “Grunt Units” – especially the GM line as there are so many iterations and variations that they become very fun to work with in terms of Gunpla building.

That being said, I likely won’t be doing too much variations on the four GMs here, aside from painting, adding detail parts and generally doing them them the service they deserve.  I have the Powered GM (my all time favorite) in my display cabinet, and the GM Sniper Custom upgrade kit from Ako Hobby – so aside from a few weapon switches and possibly painting the GM Kai in the Titan’s High Mobility colors, that’s about it.

Luckily, the previous owner didn’t muck up the kits by detailing with permanent marker (like the GP01 fb I picked up), and they didn’t touch the visors, so that’ll leave me with some choice as to whether or not I use Aurora Film or clear color on top of silver internals (like I did for the Powered GM).

Either way, I’m very excited to have more additions to my back log of projects!


8 responses to “Korewa…GM…ka?

  1. Yeah Tom, that’s the GM Sniper II, everybody loves the GM Sniper II ^_^ – Ako’s is the GM Sniper Custom, which preceded the GM Sniper II and I have to say, for the price and quality Ako produces some great products. I like the GM Sniper Custom a lot due to 0081 on PS3, so I’m glad to have it, but I would love to get a Sniper II as well!

  2. what a steal you’ve got there! I must try ebay more often to look for bargain buys.

    Is there any specific steps or methods you took to locate such bargains?

  3. Ah 4 different GM variants for 50 USD. That is without a good deal. It’s also good how you think the way the previous owner built it simple means the Gunpla there can give you a lot of room for customisation.

    I went back to 0081 on PS3 for the past 2 weeks before the PSN outage, and I too have been using the GM Sniper Custom too after using the Cold Climate Type for some time. Still have a long way to collect the MS (offline-wise), but the Sniper Custom is serving me well except I will need help for the Big Zam soon or later. On the other hand, Zeon side seems much harder than EFSF to me!

  4. @Jacques – HEY! Glad to see you’re still around, haven’t heard from you in a while. Yep, a great deal! I had to search through about 20 pages though, its all about patience >_<

    @Q – I am very happy to have all 4! I really like the GMs a lot!
    As for 0081, Yeah, the GM Sniper is the first true power house MS for the EFSF. You can customize it to be quite powerful even to the end of the offline missions. Let me know if you need help with Big Zam. I've gotten quite efficient at taking it down, and I'd be more than happy to play online with someone again! Just shoot me an email or PM. And yes, Zeon is WAY harder. Nothing really gets easy until you can unlock the Gelgoogs.

  5. yes, been real busy all these time, haven’t had much time to work or talk about gunpla and plamo. Been going around reading the blogs but sometimes I’m just too tired post comments or any feedback.

    Currently, working on D-style Ingram Unit-1, primed, sanded and reprimed countless time to make sure there isn’t any uneven surface.

  6. Sure Jacques, I understand – we all have our priorities. Glad to know you’re still visiting sites while you’re busy!

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