Delays with the GP01 project

As close as I was to being done with the GPO1, I’ve run into some major set backs –

I’m trying a new brand of gloss coat for this kit, as I’ve started using the ink wash panel lining technique.  While there was no problem with my old brand (Testors clear cote), I tried Tamiya this time and am having a terrible time with it, as it is very powerful and tends to eat away the paint when applied….then, while applying it to the legs, my alagator clip came loose and the left leg dropped, in my panic I caught it but….

Effectively ruining the entire paint job.

*Sigh*… I have to strip this whole thing down (and the vernier binders as well, I had issues there too) and repaint the whole thing.

To quote Charlie Brown…

Good Grief……

Until next time –

P.s. Tamiya coating, you’re fired.  I’ll stick to Testor’s.


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