1/100 MG GP01Fb-i Complete

Model number: RX-78GP01-Fb-i
Code name: Gundam “Zephyranthes” (Full Vernier)
Unit type: prototype general purpose intercepter-class mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Rollout: 14-A-UC March 0083
First deployment: 2 A-UC May UC 0083

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso with Core Block System using FF-XII-Fb Full Vernian Core Fighter II
Dimensions: overall height 19.5 meters; head height 18.5 meters
Weight: empty 43.2 metric tons; max gross 74.0 metric tons
Armor materials: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2045 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4 x 45000 kg, 4 x 13500 kg
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 3.16 G; 180-degree turn time 0.8 seconds
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x A.E.Blash·XB-G-07/Du.05 beam saber, stored in recharge racks in backpack, hand-carried in use; 2x A.E. Blash-T XB-G-08 Sm.07 Beam Tonfa stored in recharge racks mounted on forearm, extends when in use, capable of firing projectile beam shots, chain linked for a several seconds.
Optional hand armaments: RG-X82.3 Powered Rail Gun, with attached Heat Bayonette blade, capable of cutting steel; RX·VSh-023B/S-04415 combat buckler, can be optionally mounted on either forearm

Excerpt from the audio-log of Major Doff Sullivan – Captain of the Dobai Class Requiem Zeon 7th Fleet, Pheonix Corps: 


The 7th has engaged a small Federation fleet consisting of two Salmis Class cruisers and one large unknown carrier type, similar to the White Trojan Horse ship the Federation used during the war of 0079.  While the carrier’s accuracy with its beam cannons is alarmingly accurate <static> problem is the mobile suits, which appear to be <static> ndam-class MS.


Our Gelgoog Marines have the big one pinned down but <static> is moving out there  incredibly fast.  We’ve called back the escorts to protect the <muffled explosion>  <static> elium has been lost, repeat, the Telium has been destroyed – What the devil was that?! Get me the video log!


<Static> bile suits have been routed and I’ve issued the retreat.  The Telium and Imperious have been lost, and the Requiem is nearly <several muffled explosions> <static> that?  Full battery fire NOW! <muffled explosion> Don’t let anything <static> no cha <static> Gundam! <static>



Anaheim Electronics designed each of the four Gundam units in the GP Project with a specific strategic area in mind, and the GP01fb-i is no different.  Where the GP02 was designed for sustained defense and barrage, the GP01fb was designed for a far different purpose: with powerful, large vernier thrusters, the GP01 is dubbed an Interceptor unit, capable of fast enough speeds to out run any conventional unit on the battle field, and armed with both powerful beam sabers and beam tonfas (mounted on the forearms) for close combat as well as a prototype rail gun, designed to penetrate I-field systems and equipped with a heat bayonet capable of slicing through the hull of a battle ship, the GP01fb-i finds its niche as a “ship killer”  unit, nimbly jetting behind enemy lines to take out enemy cruisers.

Lieutenant Aaron Kane pilots the GP01fb-i during the Phoenix Corps uprising.  Lt. Kane’s brash piloting, coupled with the powerful vernier thrusters led to the GP01 achieving remarkable success on the battlefield.

Of the four units produced, the GP01fb-i is the only unit to survive the uprising intact.  Unit 3 is sacrificed to stop a mass-driver weapon from firing on the Earth, Unit 2, while successfully defending the Autumn Fire in the final battle sustains heavy damage and is deemed unsalvageable.  Unit 4 and its pilot are marked MIA, presumably KIA, but Unit 1 and Lt. Kane manage to survive the final confrontation sustaining only the loss of the right arm and rail gun. 3 years later, when Lt. Kane defects to the AEUG on board the GP01 and engages in various attacks against the Titans, with a  slight change in paint of course.  The GP01 is equipped with more conventional weaponry and again performs quite well for the AEUG, until during the Gryps incident; the GP01 is heavily damaged and destroyed.  Lt. Kane manages to eject the core fighter and later rejoins the EFSF under the Londo Bell force.


To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit disappointed in the end result with the GP01.  I ran into so many issues and so  many problems that I ended up just finishing the build because I was getting so frustrated.  The GP01 itself is a great kit and aside from the flimsy shoulder joints (which I fixed as I did with the GP02), its tremendously sturdy.  The issues rose out of attempting several new ideas, and not having any practice with them.  I tried fixing the seam lines on the head unit, by cementing the two halves together, and cutting the face section to allow it to be slipped into the head from under neath. This worked fine, but I had issues sanding the head parts and ended up over sanding some sections.  Furthermore, the previous owner (remember, I bought this pre-snapped) used a strange marker to detail the panel lines, so that when I applied the gloss coat, the marker actually seeped through the paint, and streaked some areas.  I also attempted my first panel line wash with india ink, but because I was so cautious with the gloss coat, I undercoated some areas and the ink bled into the paint causing splotches.

I do love how the color scheme turned out – I basically copied the RX-78-4, part for part and also added light grey to panel the white parts a bit, which I really like how that turned out.  The beam tonfas were added at the last minuet, but with some cleaver applications of screws, they’re well attached and sturdy.  I also got the idea for the buckler shield because of playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.  I wanted the GP01 to be more melee focused, so the huge, awkward GP01 shield wouldn’t really cut it.  I wanted a small, agile defense, and the buckler (like in Monster Hunter’s Sword and Shield combo) worked perfect.

I guess the next up is the GP04.  I’ve already started to pin the parts.  I’m a bit worried that I’ll have a repeat of the GP01’s issues, but the only real problem might be the india ink panel lining, which I know what I did wrong, and can fix for the GP04.  If not, I might try getting the Titans Hi-Mobility GM Kai done first, as a practice piece (and also because that MS is so awesome looking).

Matta ne !


8 responses to “1/100 MG GP01Fb-i Complete

  1. @Gundamgunso – Thank you! I have always liked the GP01, its one of my favorite Gundam units, so I wanted to do something special!

  2. Nice work. I like how the color scheme isn’t the standard Gundam colors. I’ve been meaning to pick up a GP03S for a while now, but I’m hesitant because I have this crazy feeling that the moment I do, a 2.0 is then announced.

  3. Thanks Tom – I don’t think a 2.0 is in store for the GP03 to be honest. It still has a very recent build with nothing that really warrants improvement. The 2.0 series really stemmed from a movement of fans who wanted the original Gundam to get its original design made (though I don’t really see why..)

    I think you’d be safe picking it up. I did mine in red, which I like how it turned out.

  4. Nice side stories you have given to “extra” Gundams from the Gundam Development Project there~ This Full Vernier one has a very convincing colour scheme as if it’s official!

    The beam tonfas will make interesting retcon reference to Unicorn’s counterpart. Buckler shield inspired from Monster Hunter’s sword & shield. Now I think about it there aren’t many MS in Universal Century that use small shields (well other than Zeon’s spike/shoulder shields).

    And it’s also interesting to see this GP01Fb being categorised as “Interceptor”; I’ve recently gone backwards and started trying out the Ace Combat series (Zero specifically), so my attention towards different types of military aircrafts is slowly increasing. However I do find it amusing that despite being an interceptor your GP01Fb-i is also melee oriented since interceptor planes sacrifice maneuverability for speed. Unless the beam tonfas are there for hit-and-run of course (e.g. to slice off warship bridges)!

  5. @Q – Thanks buddy! I went to college to be a “writer” but seems I run my own business now, all my “writing” tends to be for hobby.

    The beam tonfa’s were inspired by the Unicorn’s attack in SD Gundam G Generation World, its one of my favorite animations of the game, but they also are a natural advancement from the GM Sniper Customs beam sabers which were attached to the forearm as well, so it fits well into the technology.

    As for the Interceptor classification, that’s right, its mainly a ship killing machine, so the beam sabers, tonfas, and heat bayonet are all desgined for quick ship maiming attacks. But also, I needed to differentiate between the GP04 (which I’ve stared) so that they aren’t the same type of MS. The GP04 will be dubbed a “command” MS, but I’ll get into that when its done.

  6. you really love GP series dont you ^^
    I really dig the color scheme bro! and as usual, your decals really enhance the kit even more.

    But I think the panel lining on the backpack is a bit too thick.

  7. @Heathorn – Yep, I sure do! The MS designs are some of the best in my opinion, they’re not “Super Powered” but the Gundam units are strong and the grunt units are very efficient. The Powered GM is also one of my all time favorites!

    I agree. Again, I had a lot of trouble with this new technique, but I know where to adjust for my next project!

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