GP04 Project Has Begun



Well it has been a while since I worked with resin, but this Core Works Gp04 kit is such a quality mold that so far its been a walk in the park, assembly wise.  Ive got the resin parts washed, trimmed and wet-sanded.  I used blu-tack to assemble a rough idea of where everything goes and now its time to start pinning the kit.  I can tell the biggest challange will be the propellant tanks on the back.  They are quite heavy.

Matta ne- 


2 responses to “GP04 Project Has Begun

  1. Sure have Tom – my very first Resin Kit was a full resin 1/144 FA Gundam Mk. II (which I still have but is in DIRE need of repairs after the move).

    I have the older B Club MG Blue Destiny Resin Conversion, but it was a poor mold so my Blue Destiny is in bad shape. I may go back (yet again) and see if I can’t fix it up a bit.

    I also built the MG Powered GM conversion kit as well.

    The GP04 requires very little from the GP01, mainly just some PCs and the knee/leg frame.

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