News and Updates

Okay, first things first –

Bandai announced (Finally!) the MG Heavy Arms and Sandrock  Gundams.

Pictures from Gundam Guy's Site

My first impression was that the Heavy Arms looks a bit….bosomy…but I think that’s just the angle of the picture taken.  I’d actually be tempted to buy both of these, seems they are my favorite MS from Wing, but I’ll have to play it by ear.  My project list is quite extensive at the moment.

Speaking of Projects – nothing new at the moment for the GP04.  I’m still working on the Long Rifle, which is almost finished, but I don’t have pictures yet.   Its been raining literally all week here so I haven’t primed the body of the Gundam yet.   But it’s all pinned and screw placements have been completed.  (I’m using screws for most of the hidden attachment points for extremely secure fitting of the parts)

I blame slow progress on the rifle on Demon’s Souls for PS3.  I’ve been hooked since I picked it up last week.


Anyway, more on the GPO4 to come!


Matta ne ~





It’s been a while since I’ve done a WIP post on one of my projects, but I’m really enjoying working on the GP04 Conversion kit so I thought I’d post an update.

First, with my last bit of Tamiya Primer, the Shield is done.

As you can see, I cut out the plastic pistons and replaced them with my own mods.  (The one on the right looks a bit crooked in the picture, but I’ve since adjusted it).  I used big, brass tubing, painted with Tamiya Chrome silver.  They’re thicker and look more significant I think.  The kit itself comes with an adapter that allows the shield to rest comfortable on the left arm, instead of just the old ‘peg in a hole’ on the bandai original.    I went with Cobalt Blue for the GP04.  I know the GP01 is already blue, but its a much darker blue, so this should look unique enough when they’re all together.

While I wait for my order from Hobby Wave which will include a new can of primer (I had to go with Mr. Surfacer, seems Tamiya is out of stock everywhere in the US for now) – I’ve started the pinning process.

After doing some research on the kit, it seems that the back propellant tanks create a stability/durability issue, as the tanks are pure resin and tend to weigh quite a bit.  So I’m using big, 3/32 brass tubing to pin the backpack, so that there are more than 12 supporting pin applications, allowing the back pack to distribute the weight.

This won’t fix the “back heavy” issue, but I don’t really see a way around that.  I have a small support stand that will sit under the lower propellant tank, which I think is all that will be required for a fixed-pose, once I decide on one (this kit is designed for MG pose-ability, but as with all Resin kits, this is not a toy, and so will be for display only…much like all my other kits).


So that’s it for today, I’ll post again with updates as I go along.  The Gun will be the next thing I paint…I decided to get the weapons done first, so I don’t rush them in the end.


-matta ne

Gundam AGE

Well I might as well weigh in on this:

I think the entire Gundam Community is talking about the new information on the next Gundam Series, dubbed Gundam A.G.E.

I’m going to hold of on panning the initial appearence right away.  But I will note my initial thoughts:

1.) I think the design of the base Gundam looks VERY similar to the 00 Designs.

2.) I’m not sure if that’s a thruster in the middle of the chest or what, but it looks like a big thruster, which seems pretty unsafe…lol.

3.) My theory is this – Seed and Seed Destiny were different takes on MSG and Zeta Gundam, and 00 was a new take on Wing.  This may be a new take on Gundam X or G Gundam.  (I would point out that the Captain Character that appears in some articles looks strikingly similar to Jamil Neet of Gundam X).


Time will tell, but I suppose if I had to choose a ‘side’ on this – I would support the idea that this seems to be an attempt by Bandai/Sunrise to market the Younger Kids, while UC targets the Adults.



New Airbrush


So I picked up a new airbrush today.  Many of you know that Iwata makes the very best of the best airbrushes, but the problem is, they come with a pretty steep price.  This model, the Revolution CR, is a really low-end brush, but it still ran About $120 at my local hobby store (I got it on sale though for less).  I’m excited to use it, but seems Tamiya is on hold for producing its Acrylic paints, I’m forced to go back to my old brand, Testor’s Model Master Acryl.  The paint is still acrylic, but it is much thicker than Tamiya and requires an actual thinner agent (as opposed to Tamiya being thinned with Rubbing Alcohol. )  So I don’t plan on using my Iwata until I get the paint-to-thinner mixture down, which shouldn’t take long.


For those of you looking for a more reasonably priced starter Airbrush, I suggest starting here.  Master makes very good quality Airbrushes for very cheap.  My dual action from Master lasted a very long time, and in fact, still works well, though its become a bit fussy.


More on the GP04 to come –

Look at Banpresto’s SCM Dom –

THIS is how the Dom SHOULD look if you ask me!  The longer torso removes the “fatso” look that most of the Dom series suffer from and instead makes it look powerful and aggressive, coupled with those heat “halberds”, they look fantastic!
I’ll tell you right now – if there ever is a resin conversion kit to make a Dom look like this, I’ll be buying it!

*image taken from Gundam Guy’s site*


– Matta