Look at Banpresto’s SCM Dom –

THIS is how the Dom SHOULD look if you ask me!  The longer torso removes the “fatso” look that most of the Dom series suffer from and instead makes it look powerful and aggressive, coupled with those heat “halberds”, they look fantastic!
I’ll tell you right now – if there ever is a resin conversion kit to make a Dom look like this, I’ll be buying it!

*image taken from Gundam Guy’s site*


– Matta



4 responses to “Look at Banpresto’s SCM Dom –

  1. Kinda of like an evolved look for the DOM ^^. But personally I find the waist a bit too high, kinda of out of proportion to me. Probably I’ll prefer a lower waist 😛

  2. @CB – YES, exactly, they do look like the evolve version!

    @GS – Well, Scary is better that “fatso” I would think.

  3. Kinda agree with Chubbs, I think the waist is a liiiittle too high. Other then that, I like this new DOM design.

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