New Airbrush


So I picked up a new airbrush today.  Many of you know that Iwata makes the very best of the best airbrushes, but the problem is, they come with a pretty steep price.  This model, the Revolution CR, is a really low-end brush, but it still ran About $120 at my local hobby store (I got it on sale though for less).  I’m excited to use it, but seems Tamiya is on hold for producing its Acrylic paints, I’m forced to go back to my old brand, Testor’s Model Master Acryl.  The paint is still acrylic, but it is much thicker than Tamiya and requires an actual thinner agent (as opposed to Tamiya being thinned with Rubbing Alcohol. )  So I don’t plan on using my Iwata until I get the paint-to-thinner mixture down, which shouldn’t take long.


For those of you looking for a more reasonably priced starter Airbrush, I suggest starting here.  Master makes very good quality Airbrushes for very cheap.  My dual action from Master lasted a very long time, and in fact, still works well, though its become a bit fussy.


More on the GP04 to come –


2 responses to “New Airbrush

  1. Whoa, you use google products?! XD
    I was using to look for airbrushes. I always did wonder why Iwata airbrushes were so expensive, but I think it pays off over time. Have fun with this new one.

  2. @Tom, lol, nono, I just do google shopping searches for products. I ran that to find the Airbrush I was using.

    There are some very VERY Expensive airbrushes out there by Iwata, but I’m just not good enough to warrant spending that kind of money.

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