Gundam AGE

Well I might as well weigh in on this:

I think the entire Gundam Community is talking about the new information on the next Gundam Series, dubbed Gundam A.G.E.

I’m going to hold of on panning the initial appearence right away.  But I will note my initial thoughts:

1.) I think the design of the base Gundam looks VERY similar to the 00 Designs.

2.) I’m not sure if that’s a thruster in the middle of the chest or what, but it looks like a big thruster, which seems pretty unsafe…lol.

3.) My theory is this – Seed and Seed Destiny were different takes on MSG and Zeta Gundam, and 00 was a new take on Wing.  This may be a new take on Gundam X or G Gundam.  (I would point out that the Captain Character that appears in some articles looks strikingly similar to Jamil Neet of Gundam X).


Time will tell, but I suppose if I had to choose a ‘side’ on this – I would support the idea that this seems to be an attempt by Bandai/Sunrise to market the Younger Kids, while UC targets the Adults.




2 responses to “Gundam AGE

  1. Despite the way the silhouette of the Gundam looks quite Okawara style when there was a teaser for new Gundam project announcement, it turns out that the mecha designer for Gundam AGE is Ebiwara – i.e. that for Gundam 00, so you do pick that point up quite well.

    Given that AGE is aimed specifically for children, I do admit that I have anxiety whether this will be for me at all, but lots of people have jumped into conclusion far too early. I don’t know what to say really, but I think I now would like to hold back and just keep waiting until I get to see it myself.

  2. I agree Q – my initial thoughts weren’t very pleasant the more I read about it, but then again, this IS a decidedly new twist on the series, seems most involve serious, adult themes.

    I’ll be waiting to see what happens on this as well!

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