News and Updates

Okay, first things first –

Bandai announced (Finally!) the MG Heavy Arms and Sandrock  Gundams.

Pictures from Gundam Guy's Site

My first impression was that the Heavy Arms looks a bit….bosomy…but I think that’s just the angle of the picture taken.  I’d actually be tempted to buy both of these, seems they are my favorite MS from Wing, but I’ll have to play it by ear.  My project list is quite extensive at the moment.

Speaking of Projects – nothing new at the moment for the GP04.  I’m still working on the Long Rifle, which is almost finished, but I don’t have pictures yet.   Its been raining literally all week here so I haven’t primed the body of the Gundam yet.   But it’s all pinned and screw placements have been completed.  (I’m using screws for most of the hidden attachment points for extremely secure fitting of the parts)

I blame slow progress on the rifle on Demon’s Souls for PS3.  I’ve been hooked since I picked it up last week.


Anyway, more on the GPO4 to come!


Matta ne ~




7 responses to “News and Updates

  1. I could have sworn that Heavy Arms was a 2012 release. I know Sandrock is supposed to be release this year. Doesn’t matter to me since I’m waiting on their Custom version. ^^;

  2. @Tom – Yep, 2012 for Heavy Arms. That’s okay, that gives me time to put some work into my current list.

  3. I agree Heathorn, while I don’t build 1/144 scale all that often (actually I just bought the RG Char’s Zaku >_<) – I think 1/144 Wing would sell very well.

  4. To be honest, it looks like that the news hasn’t changed since the Shizuoka Hobby Show, but we should hopefully get more updates on them soon. I too am with heathorn that an updated 1/144 line would be very good news for me… And my sister too!

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