Further Delays

Hmm….readership seems to be down lately.  Well, not matter, I’m further delayed waiting for Tamiya to restock paint here in the states.  I’ve tried using Lacquer paints, but that was a disaster because my work area isn’t set up for such heavy fumes.

So……..I’m stuck on all projects until September, when it’s estimated the paint will return to the shelves.

In the mean time, I can continue to construct the 1/60 G-System Alex.  The inner frame will keep me quite busy seems it requires a lot of repair/pinning/securing work.

That’s all for now ~

Matta ne


New Plan – 1/100 MG Hi-Mobility GM Kai

Well, I’m S.O.L. when it comes to Tamiya Acrylics in the U.S. (and if you live in the states, you know what SOL stands for) – I guess Tamiya’s having trouble with the US’s new policy on liquid shipments or something.

So, I’m trying a new paint (again…) from a company based in UK called Plamo UK.  I know the owner of the company through the Fichten Foo forums.  I believe these paints are actually Lacquer based, which gives me the worries, because I’ve never really used Lacquer based paints.

SO…..for the time being, the GP04 is on hold.  Mainly because I’m not going to risk using a paint I’m not familiar with on such an expensive and important kit.  Instead:

I’m going to start on my MG Hi-Mobility GM Kai project.  The Hi-Mo GM Kai is featured in Advance of Zeta, as the Titans initial implementation of new technology on the regular GM Kai.

This will give me some good experience with the new paints before moving on to the GP04 and 1/60 Alex.  And speaking of the Alex, I have a lot of repair/fixing to do with the internal frame so it’ll be a while before I even start thinking about painting.


Later ~

G System’s 1/60 Gundam Alex – START!

My feelings on the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam Alex are a bit hard to explain.  The Alex, which by the way, is an acronym for Armored Layer EXamination, has always been one of my favorite Gundam type units, but it has a habit of fading into the back ground when compared to some of the more “flashy” machines of the line.  But perhaps that’s what I like most about it – the Alex isn’t a “Super Machine”, it’s not invincible, doesn’t have some over-powered Newtype System, its just fast…real fast.  Designed to be fast enough to withstand the demands of Amuro Rey’s extraordinary piloting skills.

G System – who make some of the most impressive Resin Kits in the world, including the monstrous 1/35 Ex-S Gundam – created a unique “Inner Frame” for this kit, and the other 1/60 scale kits that followed, including the Kampfer, Zaku II Kai and GP04.

This kit can be very intimidating when you first open the box.  There are HUNDREDS of intricate parts, and because its a resin kit, they aren’t necessarily designed to “snap in” like the regular Bandai Plastic kits.

I have all of the parts trimmed of flash, but I need to start sanding as some parts suffered from some ill clipped flash and need to be smoothed out.

I have the shield assembled, only because its only 9 pieces and the easiest thing in the kit.

Not show: Ammo clips and equipment packs from the top and bottom sections

Just for a scale representation – here’s the shield next to the 1/100 GFF Metal Composite Gundam

I’ll start pinning parts once I’m done sanding while I wait on Tamiya to restock.  The kit features LED light up eye cameras and sensors, metal-photo etched plates for details, and heat pressed clear resin for the eyes and sensor as well.   Needless to say, I’ll be working on this kit for a LONG time.  The general game plan is to work on sections while I work on other projects – so for example, I’ll be building the left leg while I finish working on the GP04, etc…

That’s all for now –




RG 1/144 Char’s Custom Zaku II COMPLETE


Finished the RG Char’s Zaku today.
This was my first RG kit and I have to say, I am very VERY impressed by what Bandai has done here.  I would like to eventually give the RX-78-2 a shot or the Aile Strike Gundam (which I’m told is the best of the series) but for now, I really enjoyed building Char’s Zaku.

I didn’t paint the kit – I just used some Top Coat, Gundam Marker for panel lining, a few mod-parts and of course, I did apply the 100+ stickers to the kit.

I have to say, the articulation of this little kit is simply amazing.  It literally has better flexibility and articulation than some of the older Perfect Grade kits.

Bandai put a lot of detail into the mold, and use the large number of stickers to emphasize the detail by creating metal-like stickers on bolt holes and rivet points.   The heat hawk blade is a separate piece, allowing you to paint (or marker) it with ease.

This is one of my favorite pictures – the shell is a bit big scale-wise, but still.  “Insert shell and fire, WA POW!”

The shell is actually not included with the kit, its part of my upgrade part stock pile.

With just a simple silver Sharpie-brand marker, I was able to accentuate some of the details that would otherwise have been left plain (without painting) -such as the bullets inside the Machine Gun’s clip…

I used a small lens dish upgrade part to create a more realistic looking mono-eye, which I’m very pleased with.


Finally, I wanted to take some kneeling poses, just to show the capabilities of the frame.  Now, admitadly, the skirt armor does limit the height the leg can lift to, but still, a true “kneel” is still possible to achieve relatively easy.

A HCM-Pro Display stand actually works quite well with the RG kits, otherwise, the kit itself comes with an adapter for Bandai’s regular action base stands.

So there we go – I really enjoyed working on this guy – especially seems I’m still waiting for Tamiya paint to be restocked so I can continue work on the GP04 and Start on the Alex.   My uncle passed away this week, so the Zaku provided me with a nice distraction and allowed me to peacefully work each night and rest my mind a bit.

I would be tempted to get the regular Zaku II that is coming out just to try painting it in a different ace’s color scheme (like Shin’s), but we’ll see.
I’m going to post a “Start Up” on the Alex today as well.


Matta ne ~

GP04 Update and New Super Loots!

I’m heading out of town tonight for a few days, but I wanted to post an update.  This is going to be in two parts.

Part one – Super Loots

I went a little over board but I couldn’t pass up a bunch of deals.

  Okay, there’s a lot in this picture, so lets start with the bottom –

G System’s 1/60 Scale Resin Cast Gundam Alex.  I bought this kit from an acquaintance on the Fichten Foo forums.   I got it for a great great deal seems the original kit is out of production and runs nearly $400 USD, and I got mine for $250.   Its a beast though and will take me a VERY long time I think.   Still, the kit includes a great inner frame like that of the Real Grade line from Bandai.  I will likely just work on sections while I work on other projects.

Speaking of Real Grade – Hobby Link Japan had a sale and I picked up the RG 1/144 Char’s Zaku II for like 20 bucks.  I don’t normally build 1/144 scale, but I had to try one of these guys out, and so far, its pretty awesome.  I have the inner frame built already.  The pose ability is simply amazing.  Far better than even the early Perfect Grade kits!

I also picked up some detailing parts for several projects.  Hi-Q parts are pretty fantastic, and Mochi’s store has such a great selection, with Unbeatable prices!  If you like adding metal upgrade parts to your kits, definitely check his store out!

Finally, my new panel lining technique has been quite difficult getting the hang of – brushing on India ink just doesn’t turn out like I want it too – so I picked up a full set of Koh-i-noor Tech Pens.   They uses India Ink but have tips far thinner than even the thinnest Gundam Marker – so I’ll test them out on the Zaku (though I likely won’t paint the Zaku….)

So all in all, that’s like $400 bucks in Gundam stuff, but I’m super happy with what I got my hands on for this.  Now I just need Tamiya paints to be restocked so I can get back to work on the GP04.

Part 2 – Gpo4 Long rifle

Well the Long rifle is done.


I wanted to make sure the inverted handle/grip was included in on the set up –

I used a metal upgrade Beam rifle tip, painted in clear “Smoke” by Tamiya to try and get a black carbon look.  I also used an upgrade lens for the sensor:

I had a lot of trouble with the paint, I used Testor’s Master Acrylic, which I have stopped using entirely because 1.) it dries into a strange, latex-y like film, and 2.) nearly gooped up my new Airbrush.  So I’m just going to wait until Tamiya is restocked before I work on the GP04 any further.  In the meantime, I’ll work on the RG Char’s Zaku.


That’s all for now, more to come!


Matta ne~