G System’s 1/60 Gundam Alex – START!

My feelings on the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam Alex are a bit hard to explain.  The Alex, which by the way, is an acronym for Armored Layer EXamination, has always been one of my favorite Gundam type units, but it has a habit of fading into the back ground when compared to some of the more “flashy” machines of the line.  But perhaps that’s what I like most about it – the Alex isn’t a “Super Machine”, it’s not invincible, doesn’t have some over-powered Newtype System, its just fast…real fast.  Designed to be fast enough to withstand the demands of Amuro Rey’s extraordinary piloting skills.

G System – who make some of the most impressive Resin Kits in the world, including the monstrous 1/35 Ex-S Gundam – created a unique “Inner Frame” for this kit, and the other 1/60 scale kits that followed, including the Kampfer, Zaku II Kai and GP04.

This kit can be very intimidating when you first open the box.  There are HUNDREDS of intricate parts, and because its a resin kit, they aren’t necessarily designed to “snap in” like the regular Bandai Plastic kits.

I have all of the parts trimmed of flash, but I need to start sanding as some parts suffered from some ill clipped flash and need to be smoothed out.

I have the shield assembled, only because its only 9 pieces and the easiest thing in the kit.

Not show: Ammo clips and equipment packs from the top and bottom sections

Just for a scale representation – here’s the shield next to the 1/100 GFF Metal Composite Gundam

I’ll start pinning parts once I’m done sanding while I wait on Tamiya to restock.  The kit features LED light up eye cameras and sensors, metal-photo etched plates for details, and heat pressed clear resin for the eyes and sensor as well.   Needless to say, I’ll be working on this kit for a LONG time.  The general game plan is to work on sections while I work on other projects – so for example, I’ll be building the left leg while I finish working on the GP04, etc…

That’s all for now –





2 responses to “G System’s 1/60 Gundam Alex – START!

  1. Nope, its a full resin kit – but G System designed an inner frame that is similar to the PG Gundam, but far more rigid and pose-able. You can see on the instructions picture I took, the some of the assembly.

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