RG 1/144 Char’s Custom Zaku II COMPLETE


Finished the RG Char’s Zaku today.
This was my first RG kit and I have to say, I am very VERY impressed by what Bandai has done here.  I would like to eventually give the RX-78-2 a shot or the Aile Strike Gundam (which I’m told is the best of the series) but for now, I really enjoyed building Char’s Zaku.

I didn’t paint the kit – I just used some Top Coat, Gundam Marker for panel lining, a few mod-parts and of course, I did apply the 100+ stickers to the kit.

I have to say, the articulation of this little kit is simply amazing.  It literally has better flexibility and articulation than some of the older Perfect Grade kits.

Bandai put a lot of detail into the mold, and use the large number of stickers to emphasize the detail by creating metal-like stickers on bolt holes and rivet points.   The heat hawk blade is a separate piece, allowing you to paint (or marker) it with ease.

This is one of my favorite pictures – the shell is a bit big scale-wise, but still.  “Insert shell and fire, WA POW!”

The shell is actually not included with the kit, its part of my upgrade part stock pile.

With just a simple silver Sharpie-brand marker, I was able to accentuate some of the details that would otherwise have been left plain (without painting) -such as the bullets inside the Machine Gun’s clip…

I used a small lens dish upgrade part to create a more realistic looking mono-eye, which I’m very pleased with.


Finally, I wanted to take some kneeling poses, just to show the capabilities of the frame.  Now, admitadly, the skirt armor does limit the height the leg can lift to, but still, a true “kneel” is still possible to achieve relatively easy.

A HCM-Pro Display stand actually works quite well with the RG kits, otherwise, the kit itself comes with an adapter for Bandai’s regular action base stands.

So there we go – I really enjoyed working on this guy – especially seems I’m still waiting for Tamiya paint to be restocked so I can continue work on the GP04 and Start on the Alex.   My uncle passed away this week, so the Zaku provided me with a nice distraction and allowed me to peacefully work each night and rest my mind a bit.

I would be tempted to get the regular Zaku II that is coming out just to try painting it in a different ace’s color scheme (like Shin’s), but we’ll see.
I’m going to post a “Start Up” on the Alex today as well.


Matta ne ~


5 responses to “RG 1/144 Char’s Custom Zaku II COMPLETE

  1. Wow that detailing of the bullets is really something! Great job on the RG!

  2. Thanks guys, yeah, I’m really happy with how the bullet’s turned out, but yes Zhe, I agree, its unfortunate that they won’t really be visible that much.

  3. Which stickers are you referring to? I didn’t use gel stickers, so let me know and maybe I can shed some light on the parts you’re referring to.

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