New Plan – 1/100 MG Hi-Mobility GM Kai

Well, I’m S.O.L. when it comes to Tamiya Acrylics in the U.S. (and if you live in the states, you know what SOL stands for) – I guess Tamiya’s having trouble with the US’s new policy on liquid shipments or something.

So, I’m trying a new paint (again…) from a company based in UK called Plamo UK.  I know the owner of the company through the Fichten Foo forums.  I believe these paints are actually Lacquer based, which gives me the worries, because I’ve never really used Lacquer based paints.

SO…..for the time being, the GP04 is on hold.  Mainly because I’m not going to risk using a paint I’m not familiar with on such an expensive and important kit.  Instead:

I’m going to start on my MG Hi-Mobility GM Kai project.  The Hi-Mo GM Kai is featured in Advance of Zeta, as the Titans initial implementation of new technology on the regular GM Kai.

This will give me some good experience with the new paints before moving on to the GP04 and 1/60 Alex.  And speaking of the Alex, I have a lot of repair/fixing to do with the internal frame so it’ll be a while before I even start thinking about painting.


Later ~


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