Further Delays

Hmm….readership seems to be down lately.  Well, not matter, I’m further delayed waiting for Tamiya to restock paint here in the states.  I’ve tried using Lacquer paints, but that was a disaster because my work area isn’t set up for such heavy fumes.

So……..I’m stuck on all projects until September, when it’s estimated the paint will return to the shelves.

In the mean time, I can continue to construct the 1/60 G-System Alex.  The inner frame will keep me quite busy seems it requires a lot of repair/pinning/securing work.

That’s all for now ~

Matta ne


5 responses to “Further Delays

  1. Plamo UK paint – they’re really good, I would probably use them if I had a garage work place set up.

    I know. I’m really frustrated. At least I have the Alex to work on and Pin and I was able to fix my Masterpiece Skywarp who broke last month.

  2. Sorry to hear about the delays due to the supplies and paint problems. The 1/60 Alex does sound like it would take you quite some time, especially being a garage kit and all! I look forward to your progress!

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