New Loot: Revoltech Batman (Dark Knight 2008 Version)

I rarely post something that’s not related to the Gundam Universe, however, I recently picked up the Revoltech Batman and it arrived early this week –

This is my first Revoltech figure, and Batman has been a big part of my interests since even before Gundam.  The figure itself is only about 5 inches tall, but I do like how poseable the Revoltech joints allow the figure to be:

The figure also comes with a Christian Bale Mask-less head sculpt.

As well as a Batarang and of course, the grapple gun

Batman’s cape also utilizes Revoltech joints, which both works and doesn’t work.  It works because you can have the cape splayed out or tucked away and it will stay no matter what, but it also leaves gaps if splayed out which doesn’t look quite right at certain angles.

For my first Revoltech figure, I really like Batman a lot.  I wish the would do a Arkham Asylum or Arkham city version as well, but for now, the Dark Knight watches vigilantly from  his shelf in my office.


Working on the waist armor of the Alex this afternoon, more on that later –




Alex Arms are Pinned

Now for the never ending “Wet Sanding” stage.  As any of you who’ve built a resin kit know, sanding is the biggest pain.  But it shouldn’t take too long with the arms…

Remember, this is not a Bandai MG kit – this is a Resin kit, so one of the major differences is the forearm Gattling guns.  On the MG kit, the guns slid up and out when you pull up on the cover, but for this kit, the Guns are a bit fixed.  In order to display the kit with the guns retracted,  you need to remove the barrels (which slide right out).  A small price to pay for an amazing rendition of this MS.

That’s it for now.  Next up will be the chest section I believe.


Matta ne~


Alex Legs are Pinned

Well, I have both legs “pinned” on the Alex

I say “pinned” because unlike the GP04 – or most other Resin Kits I’ve worked on, I’m focusing more on actual screws to attack the armor panels.  I typically add screw/bolts to my kits anyway, and these allow for very secure, unbreakable connections for the heavier armor pieces.  I had to pin some inner-frame parts, but mostly I’m using screws this time.

The inner-frame, as cool as G-Systems made it, is not very “user friendly”.  The full frame itself will not allow for some armor sections to be attached, so some of the “kibble” parts need to be removed for the actual Alex Kit to be finished.  I also had to make some mods/adjustments because of lack of room and ill fitting connections.  But all in all, I’m having a good time building this kit and its keeping me occupied while I wait endlessly for my paint to be restocked.

I may work on the arms next.  This kit features metal cast forearm Gatling guns, which will look great when done.


More to come!