Alex Legs are Pinned

Well, I have both legs “pinned” on the Alex

I say “pinned” because unlike the GP04 – or most other Resin Kits I’ve worked on, I’m focusing more on actual screws to attack the armor panels.  I typically add screw/bolts to my kits anyway, and these allow for very secure, unbreakable connections for the heavier armor pieces.  I had to pin some inner-frame parts, but mostly I’m using screws this time.

The inner-frame, as cool as G-Systems made it, is not very “user friendly”.  The full frame itself will not allow for some armor sections to be attached, so some of the “kibble” parts need to be removed for the actual Alex Kit to be finished.  I also had to make some mods/adjustments because of lack of room and ill fitting connections.  But all in all, I’m having a good time building this kit and its keeping me occupied while I wait endlessly for my paint to be restocked.

I may work on the arms next.  This kit features metal cast forearm Gatling guns, which will look great when done.


More to come!


4 responses to “Alex Legs are Pinned

  1. Hey that’s a pretty good tip. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever work on a big resin kit.

  2. I’ve actually used even smaller screws for the GP04 as well. I just feel that the connections are much more sturdy.

  3. wow, resin kits really need extra skill and knowledge.
    how do you create the screw system?

  4. Yes, they sure do Heathorn. Some of the parts require some modification to make sure they fit correctly. I use M 1.6 screws and use a small pin vice drill bit. If I want the head of the screw to sit flush with the surface of the armor, I use a 1/8 size bit to gently recess the area where the screw head will sit.

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