Alex Arms are Pinned

Now for the never ending “Wet Sanding” stage.  As any of you who’ve built a resin kit know, sanding is the biggest pain.  But it shouldn’t take too long with the arms…

Remember, this is not a Bandai MG kit – this is a Resin kit, so one of the major differences is the forearm Gattling guns.  On the MG kit, the guns slid up and out when you pull up on the cover, but for this kit, the Guns are a bit fixed.  In order to display the kit with the guns retracted,  you need to remove the barrels (which slide right out).  A small price to pay for an amazing rendition of this MS.

That’s it for now.  Next up will be the chest section I believe.


Matta ne~



2 responses to “Alex Arms are Pinned

  1. dunno why but I always love to see unfinished kits with masking tapes like that ^^

  2. Well, some of the parts will only require some cement/glue and so I just apply the tape to keep them in place for now 🙂

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