New Loot: Revoltech Batman (Dark Knight 2008 Version)

I rarely post something that’s not related to the Gundam Universe, however, I recently picked up the Revoltech Batman and it arrived early this week –

This is my first Revoltech figure, and Batman has been a big part of my interests since even before Gundam.  The figure itself is only about 5 inches tall, but I do like how poseable the Revoltech joints allow the figure to be:

The figure also comes with a Christian Bale Mask-less head sculpt.

As well as a Batarang and of course, the grapple gun

Batman’s cape also utilizes Revoltech joints, which both works and doesn’t work.  It works because you can have the cape splayed out or tucked away and it will stay no matter what, but it also leaves gaps if splayed out which doesn’t look quite right at certain angles.

For my first Revoltech figure, I really like Batman a lot.  I wish the would do a Arkham Asylum or Arkham city version as well, but for now, the Dark Knight watches vigilantly from  his shelf in my office.


Working on the waist armor of the Alex this afternoon, more on that later –




3 responses to “New Loot: Revoltech Batman (Dark Knight 2008 Version)

  1. Batman is your first Revoltech figure? Congrats on the purchase there~ I did hear complaints on how the neck looks a bit too long, but overall it looks pretty impressive. In fact I think the whole Sci-Fi line of Revoltech is worth having a check; some of their releases are quite unexpected and in a good way too!

  2. Yeah, the neck is a tad long I suppose, but its not too noticeable once you have the figure displayed.

  3. Agreed with Q, the sci-fi line seems to get extra attention and QC as well ^^

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