No, I’m not switching themes, but I have been picking up quite a few Transformers lately.

I got this loot today, including Masterpiece Grimlock (US version), challenge at Cybertron, which comes with Universe Cyclonus and Hotrod (Rodimus), and Generations Megatron, who hails from the WR For Cybertron game on PS3/Xbox.   Pretty awesome!  Plus I picked up Star Wars on Blu-ray (original trilogy), so all in all, a good day.

Im slowly working on pinning the massive 1/60 resin NT-1 kit, but Monster Hunter P3rd on PS3 has been distracting me a bit as well



2 responses to “Korewa….Transformers?

  1. I thought that too Tom, but Wal-Mart sells each trilogy separately as well, which is great because I’m not a fan of the new movies.

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