October – Reboot

Okay, so I took September off of my Gunpla building.  I guess I just needed a little break and seems my paint wasn’t in stock anyway, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Instead I focused an unhealthy amount of money and time on my Transformer collection, but seems that’ had been neglected for a long time, I don’t feel too bad.  I just picked up my final recurit today from Ebay – Alternators RollBar.

So…yeah….back to Gunpla, because I’m literally feeling guilty about neglecting everything.
I managed to track down some tamiya purples So I should be able to complete my Titan’s Test Team Hi-Mobility GM Kai project.

I’ll continue to assemble/Pin the 1/60 Alex though the resin is giving me a little trouble when lining up some of the parts.  I may have to resort to soft-heating them in water, but we’ll see.


Updates on the GM to follow – if paints start showing up in stock, I should be able to get back to the GP04 as well, so here’s hoping!


– Jaa