October – Reboot

Okay, so I took September off of my Gunpla building.  I guess I just needed a little break and seems my paint wasn’t in stock anyway, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Instead I focused an unhealthy amount of money and time on my Transformer collection, but seems that’ had been neglected for a long time, I don’t feel too bad.  I just picked up my final recurit today from Ebay – Alternators RollBar.

So…yeah….back to Gunpla, because I’m literally feeling guilty about neglecting everything.
I managed to track down some tamiya purples So I should be able to complete my Titan’s Test Team Hi-Mobility GM Kai project.

I’ll continue to assemble/Pin the 1/60 Alex though the resin is giving me a little trouble when lining up some of the parts.  I may have to resort to soft-heating them in water, but we’ll see.


Updates on the GM to follow – if paints start showing up in stock, I should be able to get back to the GP04 as well, so here’s hoping!


– Jaa


2 responses to “October – Reboot

  1. So you’re also having trouble getting paints. My hobbytown told me it’s because of new labeling or something like that, which to be honest shouldn’t take several months to do…

  2. Tell me about it Tom…they’ve been sold out since June by me. Its ridiculous.

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