New Loot!


Straight from GG Infinite, Gundam UCA vol. 3 arrived today! As a bonus with this issue, a special, pearl coating Gundam Converge Unicorn Gundam came with. It even gets a special box, as you can see in the picture.

I have a Gundam Converge Hyaku Shiki, and like a lot of Fusion Works products, they are pretty awesome little figures! Plus this will be my first Unicorn Gundam!

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the states, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Stay tuned for more updates on the GM Kai!

Matta ne ~


Pin Striping is a pain in the keister…

I’m chugging along on the GM Kai (TTT) Hi Mobility – but boy oh boy, pin striping is a pain in the rear.  DANG YOU TITANS!  Why must you use such an awesome color scheme that’s so hard to replicate!!!

But they came out moderately well.  I have a few parts that need to be touched up where the yellow snuck through the tape (on account of me being not so great at taping sometimes).  But all in all, things came out well.  The shoulders especially look spot on, which I’m happy about.

SO….once I’m done repainting the parts that got hit by the yellow, I’m going to be close to wrapping up the painting and moving on to detailing slots.  Then its a matter of gloss coating, trying my new panel inking (which I can’t believe I haven’t tried out yet…..) and top coat.  Oh and decals.   *sigh*…okay, so I’m not so close.



1/100 MG GM Hi-Mobility Custom TTT update

Well, I’m a bit rusty after taking nearly two and a half months off of Gunpla building, but the GM Hi-Mo Custom is under way.

I have the inner frame painted, and the lighter of the two “purples” (Technically, one is a dark navy blue) Done.

I didn’t add a lot of detailing, which I may have to go back and visit before finishing up, but I don’t anticipate any set backs.  I’ll also be testing my new panel lining technique on this kit as well.


More to come!


~Jaa ne