New Loot!


Straight from GG Infinite, Gundam UCA vol. 3 arrived today! As a bonus with this issue, a special, pearl coating Gundam Converge Unicorn Gundam came with. It even gets a special box, as you can see in the picture.

I have a Gundam Converge Hyaku Shiki, and like a lot of Fusion Works products, they are pretty awesome little figures! Plus this will be my first Unicorn Gundam!

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the states, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Stay tuned for more updates on the GM Kai!

Matta ne ~


2 responses to “New Loot!

  1. Oh you got the latest issue of Gundam ACE! This should give us an insight on more info of the latest episode of Gundam UC in the form of the manga, especially the Byarlant Custom(s)~

    Is the quality of the FW Converge Unicorn Gundam good? Hope we’d get to see some pictures of it!

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