GM Kai Hi-Mobility TTT – Progress Update

Well, the painting is officially done.  After my Sabbatical from Gunpla building, I missed a few spots from being rusty, but they are very very minor and can be hand painted, so I’m not too concerned.

Detailing slots are done, but I won’t be adding the metal parts until after the top coat is on, so they stay nice and bright.   Next up is the Gloss Coat, panel lines and Decals.

I’m also getting used to the camera on my iPhone.  It’s WAY better than my old camera, but it might not make too much of a difference until I get the photo background up for the final shots.

But here’s a fancy pants pic:

Stay tuned –



4 responses to “GM Kai Hi-Mobility TTT – Progress Update

  1. Looks awesome! Wish the weather would clear up soon in Texas so that I can finish up Delta Plus… >.<

  2. Thanks Tom! Its looking even better now that I have the decals done. I hope to get the panel lines on this weekend.

    Yeah, that can be an issue. It makes me appreciate my airbrush and air filter system.

  3. Nice to see you back with big progress! The Titan’s GM is taking shape! The two shades of purple/blue is interesting there as it makes the overall colour scheme more interesting than the default Titans ones. Say, how do you get the visor coloured into red? Just use clear red ink to do the job or there’s more to it?

  4. Thanks Q! It feels great to be working on a project again! I’m going to likely do another GM before I get back into the GP04, just to make sure I’ve got all the cob webs out.

    The red visor is a combination of painting the underlying sensor panel silver and then, yes, clear red on the visor itself. I think for this particular GM, it turned out great!

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