MG 1/100 RGM-79 Kai Titans Test Team Hi-Mobility Type – Complete

Well its Christmas, and in the midst of the holiday, I thought I would take some time to post on my completion of the Hi-Mobility GM.

I’m a bit rusty after taking about 3 months off, so I ran into a few small issues.  One of them being, I don’t think I shook my can of top coat well enough, and I ended up with some discoloration on the right hip panel.  Kind of an odd result, but I’m just leaving it for now.

I really wanted to use my old Hi-Mobility GM Type C resin back pack, and upgrade it a bit with metal parts.  I finally learned after all this time, that you should apply the metal pieces AFTER the top coat, so the thrusters here look nice and polished.

For the visor, I painted the underlying sensor section in silver, then used clear red on the visor itself.  I used the same technique on my RGM-79P Powered GM as well, only using Green instead of red (obviously).  Some metal vulcan barrels and a new, metal antenna add a nice touch too.   I also used metal shoulder gears, which I think look good.

I’ve been seeing more and more MS with shields mounted in this fashion.  From a motion standpoint, it makes sense as when the MS raises its arm to guard, the shield will end up being right side up.

This actually counts as my first Advance of Zeta MS built, so I’m happy about that.  I really enjoy the AOZ series, and I hope to find a Hazel Gundam conversion kit one of these days.

So there we go.  I believe Q had asked about the base I used – I simply too the base of one of my War Within Titanium Transformers (Ultra Magnus).  Its mechanical, but generic enough to use.

This was a great warm up before returning to the GP04 and 1/60 Alex.   I’m going to work on another GM next, just to make sure I have all the cob webs out.   Next up on the GM project is the RGM-79 GM, which will be part of my 0081 display.  I think I’ll keep the red/light grey color scheme, but I will be swapping the shield with the GM (G) for a more 0081, customized look.


MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to all!


4 responses to “MG 1/100 RGM-79 Kai Titans Test Team Hi-Mobility Type – Complete

  1. Oh now that I see more pictures of the Hi-mobility type GM Kai, there are some interesting places to look at here and there~

    The backpack immediately reminds me of GM Command Space Type, and I think it is most likely to be the same. The extra sensor on chest reminds me of the same thing on GM II and GM III. The way the shield is held is reminiscent of THE ORIGIN style, of which the way you describe for the reason is quite convincing if the handle is not to be used. That leaves me one curious question – with the different backpack installed, where does the beam sabre get stored? In the shield?

    And last but not least, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Q!

    Yes, the back is absolutely from the GM Command Space Type, I thought I had mentioned that, but maybe I forgot, haha. I added the extra sensor because on the mechanical drawings of the Titans GM it, had one, so I figured it would work well.

    Both beam sabers get stored in the shield!

    Thanks Q, it was a great Christmas here!

  3. Titans color makes the GM looks more menacing 😀

    You mention about putting the metal thrusters after topcoat, did you glue it directly afterwards? I am also thinking about using metal thrusters for alt.

    For the photography, I think a dark setting will suit your GM better ^^

  4. Hi Heathorn,

    Yep, just a small amount of glue in where I drilled the holes for the connections worked just great, with no spill-over. It made a WORLD of difference.

    Yeah, I tried to keep it darker, but then the colors weren’t showing up as well.

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