Christmas Loot – MS Gundam Extreme VS for PS3

I must have been pretty good this year, because part of my Christmas loot included this little gem:

MS Gundam Extreme Vs is the 10th anniversary addition to the “Vs” series.  While I haven’t actually played any of the arcade versions, I have been playing the series since EFSF vs Zeon DX on Dreamcast (lol, remember Dreamcast?  I loved that system!)

While the general mechanics of the series have stayed, for the most part, roughly the same – dash, shoot, melee, repeat – GE Vs has some much needed and much enjoyed changes.   For starters, every single unit can now block, regardless if it carries a shield or not.  For instance – the Gundam Heavy Arms EW version, doesn’t carry a shield, but it can block incoming attacks with its Gatling gun.  Not that blocking has always been a mainstay of the VS series.  In the early games, chance blocking would happen only if your shield (if carried) faced the attack.  Around the time of Renpou vs. ZAFT (Seed Vs) – they added the “down, up” command to block.   But quite frankly, the action moves so fast in these games that blocking is kind of a very VERY last resort.

GE Vs also features some tweaks to weapon systems and “special” attacks.  The Strike Gundam, for instance, can swap out its weapon set to any of the Striker packs (including the awesome IWSP pack), but you are limited to only being able to switch after a given cool down.

You can also now choose your path through the arcade levels – from Easy to VERY HARD!!!, you can move up or down in difficulty as  you move along.

Also, like the PSP, Gundam Vs. Gundam, this game features a “boss” character, a new Gundam unit made specifically for the game that can equip various MASSIVE armor sets (sort of like the ride armors from Mega Man X) – and can really lay a beat down on the player.

The game also features a GREAT selection of MS to choose from, including several of my favorites: Gundam DX (X), Crossbone Gundam X1 (Crossbone) and the Hi-Nu Gundam (CCA-N) which is only available if you get the download code in  your copy (which I believe most current copies come with.)

DLC is now up as well, two new MS, A Gundam from 00 that I’m not familiar with (someone will likely fill me in) and the Blue Destiny Unit 1 from Gundam Side Story!

I picked up the BD-1 today and it is AWESOME.  The machine gun is quite powerful,  your get chest rockets that pack a BIG punch, the ability to call in a GM for support, and a boost extender.  Yu Kojima’s voice is great too, as sometimes Bandai takes the lame “Yu doesn’t talk” approach.    Your “unleashed” power of course, is the Exam System, which makes  you much faster and stronger, and your melee attach changes from a beam saber, to a grapple and slam attack.   And for only 2000 point cost, the BD-1 is a BEAST seems you can die a few time without risking the mission.

There is also, of course an online community where players can compete against one anther.  I haven’t tried this out too much yet, but if someone else wants to try it out, let me know and I’ll send you my PSN name.

Finally, there is a somewhat disappointing “mission” mode, where as in AEUG Vs Titans and EFSF vs Zeon (PS2), there were 100+ missions for each faction, this mode is more like completing various challenges to unlock more “missions”.  Its okay, but I was hoping for more.

So, all in all, Gundam Extreme vs has the ability to even trump 0081 in my all time favorite Gundam Games.   The difficulty against the CPU can be, at times, maddening, but with such great controls, MS choices and fun, I keep coming back for more!  (and usually just play on the Easy – medium levels, haha).

Starting work on the MG GM as well.  But with GE vs, Skyrim and DC Universe Online currently dominating my free time, its been slow going.

– Matta ne –


4 responses to “Christmas Loot – MS Gundam Extreme VS for PS3

  1. Lol, I got me Zelda Skyward Sword instead of this game ^^;. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you man!

  2. Thanks Tom, you too! I wanted Skyward sword as well, but I’ll probably get it from the store later on. Right now I have plenty to deal with 🙂

  3. Glad to see that you got Extreme Vs as well!

    I was a bit surprised when all units can now block – totally didn’t expect an Acguy hold up its arms and blocked my attacks when I first played the game. Down-up blocking sure isn’t easy to pull off at the heat of the battle, and it’s much easier to just step and dodge, but I find myself using this more against things like Extreme Gundam with their ridiculous attacks.

    Too bad online gameplay is mostly Vs play only; there is no online co-op or arcade. Hope this will change for the next game (called Full Boost I think, much like NEXT for previous game).

    Trial missions are rather simply laid out. Many are pretty doable, but some can really get you frustrated. I also have problems when I get into a step-melee battle as I often can’t win against a duel like so. As for now I main the missions with Unicorn and Skullheart, and sometimes with Hyaku Shiki and ZZ.

    Interesting to see that BD-1 is actually a pretty good unit. I am still not sure whether to get the DLCs or not because of the prices (and that there are more coming). At least it’s nice that you can play against them on trial missions before you decide more on whether to play as them or not.

    The one from 00 is called Arche Gundam, which is repaired from Gundam Throne Zwei. It focuses mainly on melee and funnel-like fangs that can ram or shoot beams.

  4. Ah, Awesome, thanks Q, I knew it was a 00 MS, but I wasn’t sure where it fit in the series.

    I hope they come out with quite a few additional units. 500 yen is a bit steep, but I’m willing to pay for them if they are good additions.

    I would recommend the BD-1, its a really good, cost-cheap MS to add to the roster!

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